7 Delicious Meals You Can Eat Even If You Plan On Bottoming Tonight

They say you shouldn't eat 30 minutes before swimming and most people will tell you shouldn't eat AT ALL if you plan on bottoming anytime in the next 12 hours.  Well that's just not true.  You can eat a healthy hearty meal and still have a paint free night of fun by following some of the recipes below.  We searched far and wide, high and low for these and we think you'll find them quite helpful.  

1. Ice Cubes

Not only will it stimulate your mouth, sucking on them will prepare you for the evening's activities.


2.Peppermint Candy

You're breath will smell good and you'll be full.


3. One Cracker

Low carb? Vegan? No problem!  


4. A Leaf Of Lettuce

This will give you just enough energy not to pass out while he's re arranging your insides.


5. A Pack Of Chewing Gum.  

Don't Swallow, unless you're into that type of thing.  But seriously you shouldn't swallow gum. 


6. A Teaspoon of Honey

We actually suggest you just smear this around your hole, you'll taste sweet in case he wants to eat YOU. 


7. Juices From A Meal Someone Has Finished

It will be like you ate, but you didn't eat.  

In other words, don't chance it sis.  He'll never call you again if you turn his meat brown...maybe, some guys like that kinda thing.