Ariana Grande's Brother Frankie Reveals He's In A Relationship With A Married Gay Couple

Frankie Grande has revealed that he is in a relationship with a married couple.

The dancer and brother of pop icon Ariana opened up about his relationship, or being in a ‘throuple’, with couple Mike Pophis and Daniel Sinason.

‘These are my boyfriends,’ the YouTube star told Us Weekly magazine.

‘[We’ve been dating for] almost three months, but in the gay world, it’s like five years.’

The three had recently appeared together in elaborate makeup in a post on Frankie’s Instagram account.

Frankie said he was often candid about his sexuality with his sister from a young age.

‘When I came out to her, she was 11 years old and I was like, ‘I have to tell you something.’ She was like, “What?” I said, “I’m gay.” And she was like, “OK, cool. Do you have a boyfriend? Great, do I get to meet him?”,’ Frankie said.

‘It didn’t faze her at all. So very early on, Ariana embraced us. For her entire life, she has known that being gay is just part of the everyday gig. And she knows that, in a way, it makes us more special and more beautiful.

‘Ariana and I are 10 years apart and she grew up with a really gay brother who just loves her unconditionally, and it’s reciprocated,’ he added.

35-year-old Frankie talked about how Ariana has been a constant supporter of the LGBTI community, saying her hit single No Tears Left To Cry was a written as a gay anthem, the Mail Online reports.

‘It is!’ he said. ‘Her songs have always said that. In the new single, she says, “They point out the colours in you, I see ’em too, and boy, I like ’em”.’

‘That’s her celebrating every kind of love you can imagine. Every colour of the rainbow. Plus, she’s got a rainbow across her face on the cover of the single.

‘Ariana is anything but subtle. She and I support the community with every chance we get. I basically raised her,’ Frankie said.