Breaking News: Virginia State Police Involved In Tank Chase After Soldier Steals It Off Base

Via WTVR: Virginia State Police are in pursuit of a stolen armored personnel vehicle on Interstate 95.

CBS is reporting a soldier from Fort Pickett stole the tank and has driven it from I-85 to I-95.

State Police says at 7:55 p.m., they were notified that the vehicle, which is not equipped with a weapon, was taken from Fort Pickett.

The vehicle was then driven east on Route 460 at a maximum speed of about 40 mph, according to State Police.

The armored vehicle is headed north on I-95, near Richmond, with police in pursuit.

“The Virginia State Police have pursued the vehicle since receiving the initial report and are traveling with the vehicle while trying to make contact with the driver. State police are also monitoring exit ramps along Interstate 95,” said a State Police spokesperson.

There have been no crashes involving the vehicle at this time, police say.

Fort Pickett is located in Blackstone in Nottoway County.