Chance Perdomo Talks Playing A Pansexual On "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

Sabrina’s Chance Perdomo is bringing some long overdue pansexual representation on screen with the character of Ambrose Spellman.

Netflix reboot Chilling Adventures of Sabrina stars the British actor in the role of the protagonist’s cousin and confidant.

A confined warlock, Ambrose works for the funeral home owned by his aunts Hilda and Zelda. Therefore, he spends most of his days in the embalmment room and deals with corpses on a daily basis.

As fans learned quite quickly, Ambrose is not allowed to go out, but that doesn’t prevent him from dating another warlock, Luke Chalfont (Darren Mann).

The two meet during a wake at Ambrose’s house and immediately click. The pair also goes on an unusual date where Ambrose needs to astral project to leave the house.

In an interview with, Perdomo referred to the new darker, sexier Sabrina as ‘Buffy meets True Blood type’ and he is totally right.

The series has a spookier take on the comedy starring Melissa Joan Hart critics have praised for its feminist narrative. The show has also received positive reviews for its portrayal of gender fluidity.

Perdomo said he is excited to ‘play someone who is representative of the world we live in’.

‘Because the audience is so global, [the writers] try and get more accurate representation of the world we live in today. I think it’s so important to play Ambrose and, from the beginning, have him inform the world of his sexuality to show that it’s not a buzzword that requires a lot of thought.’

‘Not only is he an ethnic minority, but he’s also pansexual. We’ve already seen the narrative of the shirtless white man running through the jungle trying to save the day that’s often perpetuated in Hollywood, so it was freeing to play a more authentic narrative that we haven’t already seen,’ he explained.

However, Perdomo had no idea what pansexuality was before he landed the role.

‘I had to be educated and informed on the definition of pansexual,’ he revealed.

‘I’m glad I’m informed now so I can play Ambrose and not think of pansexuality, and just focus on his emotions and who he is as an individual.’

He furthermore added: ‘In terms of the narrative, his sexuality was put in the character description because it’s a very important part of his arc, the beginning, the middle and towards the end of the season.’

Without giving too much away, Perdomo revealed Ambrose has several partners on the show.

Describing his relationship with Luke, Perdomo said Ambrose and Luke have ‘a trajectory and an arc of sorts’. He also said their arc ‘plays out just like it would in real life’.

‘They have their ups, they have their downs, they have their doubts, their triumphs together,’ he added.