Cosplayer Aayizat Newton Nails This Straight Outta Wakanda Storm Look

Cosplayer Aayizat Newton did not come to play with us she came to slay!  Though Storm has not official joined the Marvel cimenmatic universe as we know it, Aayizat gives us a preivew of what we have to look forward to if she does.  As fans of the comics know, Storm marries Black Panther and lives in Wakanda for awhile.  We think Aayizat nailed this look!

In a post to facebook she describes her inspiration saying:

So obviously my first cosplay was gonna be Storm from X-Men 
But since she's African, and the Black Panther's ex-wife, we had to switch it up a lil... witch it up a lil haha

Never have I had more pictures taken of me, I met a group of fellow Wakandan cosplayers, and we were posted for 30 minutes being snapped by kids, adults, and staff alike, their costumes were so good Letitia Wright (Shuri from Black Panther) even asked to take one

I cannot wait until October. New cosplay pending.