Coupled Up: Holliwud Showers New Boo Tim With Love

In a touching post gay film star Holliwud pledged his love to new boo Tim.  In a post to Facebook he writes: 

I must say every since this Man has entered my life I’ve been so complete.! He protects me he understands me.! And he’s always there for me throughout any situation.! Best of all he loves me for me. Beside all the Holliwud sh*t.!! Because at the end of the day I’m a regular person!! It’s so krazy how out the blue I was in a full fledge relationship!! And actually happy!! We’re together everyday all day!! Like it’s so krazy God pulled a Fast one on us I can honestly say my Babe completes me and I would not change or trade him 4 the world! stop looking for love!! It’s going to sneak up on you when you least expect it be patient..!! God has a plan for you ..!! Always #Holliwud

Congrats to the happy couple!