Delusional Ex Gays and Trans March To Show Jesus "Delivered" Them

Umm ok.  People will literally celebrate anything, and what better than with a lie.  

A group of people who claim to be former ‘homosexuals’ and ‘transgenders‘ will take to the streets Los Angeles to show Jesus changed them. They want to show that people can stop being LGBTI.

The Freedom March is a collective of people who claim to no longer be LGBTI. Their second ever march is happening on 4 November.

Washington DC hosted the first Freedom March in May this year. Organizers described it as ‘a march celebrating freedom from homosexual/transgender lifestyles by the grace and power of Jesus Christ!’

Luis Javier Ruiz is a survivor of the 2016 Pulse shooting where a gunman killed 49 people in an Orlando gay club. He labels being gay as the ‘enemy’ which lead him to ‘perversion, heavy drinking to drown out everything and having promiscuous sex that led to HIV’.

‘It wasn’t a gay to straight thing. It was a lost to a saved thing. Someone encountered me and told me how much God would change me if I stopped doing it on my own strength. If I fall in love with Christ, he would do everything else,’ he told CBN.

Freedom March’s CEO Jeffrey McCall said he used to be a sex work and is a ‘former transgender’.

‘I wanted to have a march where everyone who came out of homosexual or transgender lives could come together, to have an event to hear each other’s stories and also to have an event to speak on the freedoms we found through Jesus Christ,’ he said.

McCall admitted the march was about sharing stories of people who had stopped being LGBTI after they found Jesus.