#DragRace Fans Call Out Ru Paul For Favoring Eureka and Villanizing The Vixen

Season 10 of Drag Race is coming to an end with the finale being aired next week.  This week the reunion saw all the queens return, with the most anticipated moment being a showdown between The Vixen and Eureka.  During their segment The Vixen confronted Ru about how she chastized her for how she responded to Eureka purposefully provoking an arguement with her for a reaction and not saying anything to Eureka.  After feeling like she wasn't heard, The Vixen left filming altogether and in an emotional moment Asia came to her defense saying the queens should be uplifting the Vixen as opposed to tearind her down. Ru wasn't trying to hear any of it and went on a tirade about how sometimes you have to be quiet and take the abuse people send your way.  Well twitter wasn't having it.  

Me thinks Ru has been rich and around white people too long that she often forgets what its like to be in the struggle because she and the show have failed to address race and the racism within the drag race fandom.