Friends Say Dylan Hafertepen Killed Jack Chapman and 2 Other Gay Men With His "Ball Inflation Fetish"


The death of Jack "Tank" Chapman has been surrounded by mystery but some internet slueths say his death was no accident, it was murder! In posts to Kiwi Farms, and Tumblr friends shed light on Dylan's private life as a "master" in the BSDM scene and how 3 of his former lovers all died under similar circumstances.  

First up Tumblr user BLIBBLOBBLIB writes: 

So because it seems in the wake of the fucking tragic death of the completely lovely Jack Chapman, (or as Tank as he had been rebranded) there’s a lot of stories coming out about the treatment of Jack from his partner Dylan aka Noodles & Beef. Usually I would never get involved in online drama like this, but this is beyond drama - a good mans life has ended horribly, and I experienced firsthand some highly suspicious and downright unsympathetic behavior from his master/life partner, Dylan at a time when frankly if my life partner had passed away, I’d be inconsolable with grief.

So adding my voice to the chorus for the official record, here’s my account of an exchange I had with Dylan/Noodles yesterday regarding the rumors of Jack’s death with accompanying screenshots.

I have been friends with Jack for a long time and have chatted with Dylan and his other pups on many many occasions. Close enough to them to receive a Christmas card from them last year but not close enough to have met them IRL. That kinda close. Anyway, we heard the terrible news on Monday that a previous employer of Tank had released a letter saying Tank had passed away. Being a friend I was obvs concerned but also knowing the online hate that surrounds those guys - didn’t want to take it as truth immediately. Mutual friends reached out to Dylan’s husband Dan - who assured us all almost immediately that Tank was apparently “fine”. Good news. But a day later the rumors were still around so I reached out to Dylan via Facebook to notify him of these rumors and to suggest to perhaps post a pic of tank happy and healthy to stop the shitty gossip machine. At first Dylan was grossed out and shocked by the news - asking “why is everyone so obsessed with us?!” I said I was happy to hear it wasn’t true and that was it. (Screenshot attached)

An hour later, I get another message from Dylan saying that Tank was actually “rather upset” about the rumours and that he would appreciate I tell him the source of them. (Screenshot attached) When I told him everything I knew and confirmed I couldn’t give him a direct name to follow up with, Dylan became demanding and rude suggesting myself and my friends were spreading the gossip (screenshot attached) and he would let Tank know how awful I am (Screenshot attached) and implied Tank didn’t consider me a friend anymore. (Screenshot attached) Then both noodles and Tank blocked me on all social media. and I considered the dramatic story over.

Two hours later Dylan sent out his oddly delayed newsletter - showing off his modded genitals and rating dance parties and oddly, considering the current rumor about Tank, a joke saying that people were starting rumours about HIS OWN death. (Screenshot attached)

A few hours later, I see the announcement on Facebook - the official statement of Tanks death. And I am gobsmacked. Judging by the timeline of events - the release of the letter from Tank’s ex employers over the weekend (a fact that has since been confirmed direct from the source) - Tank being in hospital and passing away - it would seem Tank passed away sometime over the weekend - 48 hours or more previous to all the above events. Which means instead of Dylan replying to my initial message about the gossip with a confirmation and respectful request for silence on the subject - he was far more concerned with gossip and damage limitation, then lying by pretending to me Tank still alive and was “upset and concerned”, then entering and managing Tanks social media post death to block me, AND encouraging his other pups to lie AND promoting his image via his newsletter whilst making insensitive jokes…it was honestly shocking.

I have never ever witnessed such sociopathic behavior. The loss of a loved one would disable me in every way. This lack of empathy is shocking and it’s for this reason - along with the very public humiliation of Jack in the past from Dylan (that can still be read about here - that I am being vocal and posting this in respect for the loss of life of a truly lovely man. This is for the record. The internet never forgets.

Other friends share similar stories:

Even with all the speculation no murder charges will be filed and the case will not be looked into, according to another poster who spoke with police: