Gay Couple Attacked Leaving Club For Holding Hands

A gay couple were allegedly beaten up outside a nightclub after they held hands. Andy Millin, 32, and his partner Cameron Stringer, 26, were attacked when leaving CC Blooms, in Edinburgh, Scotland, at around 3am on Sunday. 

Mr Millin was punched on Union Street while defending Mr Stringer and suffered facial injuries. He told the Scottish Sun: ‘We crossed the road holding hands and there was a couple of guys behind us. One of them ran up and kicked Cameron in the back. ‘He was about to attack him but my first instinct was to get him out of the way. I got punched and then I blacked out.’

Mr Millin, who works in a hotel, said one of the men came back and punched his boyfriend Mr Stringer from behind when he was helping him. He suffered minor injuries as a result. 

Mr Millin added a gesture they made had referred to the couple holding hands. The two suspects fled down Leith Walk following the attack. The couple called the police and an ambulance once they got home but Mr Millin was not happy with the initial response from officers because they did not arrive at his home until 1.30pm the next day. 

Mr Stringer, who works as a letting agent in the city, said officers were studying CCTV. He added: ‘We’ve been worried because we couldn’t remember their appearance so we wouldn’t recognise them in the street. So we’ve been walking past people a bit paranoid.’ 

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said they were treating incident as a hate crime. ‘Police are investigating after two men were assaulted in the street in Edinburgh city centre in the early hours of Sunday morning on May 20,’ she said. ‘At around 2.45am the men, in their 20s and 30s, were kicked and punched on Union Street by two other men who ran off along Leith Walk. ‘Officers are carrying out inquiries and this incident is being treated as a hate crime.’