Gay Man Loses An Ear After Homophobic Attack

A gay man suffered such extensive injuries from a homophobic attack that he lost one of his ears.

Police in Albany, New York, have arrested 37-year-old Hubert Dabbs in connection with the assault.

Dabbs stomped on the head of the victim on the steps of an apartment building, according to police. The incident occurred this Saturday (9/1/2018). As he left the scene, a bloody footprint was left behind on the steps.

The police arrived responding to reports of an unconscious person, where bystanders pointed them in the right direction of the attacker. Dabbs was then arrested.

Luckily, the hospital is no longer considering the victim’s injuries as life-threatening. However, he lost one of his ears, as well as suffering swelling of the brain, severe facial fractures, and lacerations in the head.

Police have confirmed they believe the attack was motivated by homophobia. A spokesperson said: ‘It’s believed that Mr Dabbs was assaulting the man due to his sexual orientation, being that the victim is homosexual.’

Dabbs is being charged with attempted murder with a hate crime enhancement.

A store owner near the attack, Guryam Singh, caught the attack on his CCTV.

‘He was almost dead. Without reason he just started beating him up,’ Singh told LGBTQ Nation.

‘He was [kicking] him in the forehead.’