Gay Man Stabbed In Club After Guy He Danced With Thought He Was A Girl

20 Year Old Keon Smith is still recovering after being stabbed in a nightclub after he was mistaken for a woman.  In a series of tweets Keon shared the story of how what was supposed to be a fun night out on the town with friends ended with a trip to the hopital.  

Keon writes:

So I attended a party last night and was simply minding my own business. There was a dude that kept trying to dance with me all night so I kept avoiding him. I finally let him dance on me so he can go away. After that his friends told him I was a boy and he left....

After he left he came back with something (idk) and stabbed me in the lower back and cut me on the neck. It happened so fast and quick. One minute I’m dancing and the next I’m dripping blood.

He stabbed me so deep all the way to my kidney but I should be fine. I wanted to share this because this is an example of what homosexuals go through. And some of the obstacles I go through.

2018 has seen an uptick against the LGBTQ community with the rate of attacks doubling what they were last year.