Insecure's Sarunas Jackson Calls Out Fans Who Made Homophobic Comments

Sarunas Jackson isn't insecure, but some of his fans are.  He recently slammed those who made anti gay comments after he posed for his GQ shoot with his fellow castmates.  

“Me and the fellas did a shoot with GQ…,” he begins. “It was fun and it was a blessing. Now, if you [have] been following me—or if you know me personally—you know, I ride for my people [black people]. I ride for my culture. Now, I’m also going to hold you accountable, no matter who you are. It doesn’t even matter about culture. Period.”

Jackson calls out all those who made antigay comments.

“How homophobic can people be? You know, we’re a group of men, who had our shirts off, and we’re doing GQ’s comedy issue, and we’re being called gay, up and down, right?” he said. “Mind you, none of us are gay in that group, and even if any of us were, who cares? That’s not the issue. I’ll tell [you] what the problem is, though.”

You guys are using homosexuality as a negative. Accusing us of being [gay] why? Why? It’s a big problem in the black community. Get secure with yourself, get secure. Ironically, our show’s title is perfect for a lot of you motherf*ckers out there. On top of that, the shining the light on the colorism issue. All the light skin dudes were [called] gay automatically. Crazy.

Jackson ends his Instagram story thanking Insecure fans for their support, and leaving just two words for the homophobic haters: “Do better.”