Kenyan Official Claims Young People Are Being Paid To Be Gay

Where do I sign up?  I've been out here being gay for free when I could have been getting paid for it.  The head of Kenya’s censorship bureau has claimed that charities are paying young people $22,000 per head to become homosexuals.

The claim comes from Dr Ezekiel Mutua of the Kenya Film Classification Board, who has become one of the country’s most prominent and hardline critics of LGBT rights. 

Mutua, who provoked anger last month by banning the release of lesbian film Rafiki, claimed to The Nairobian that Western-led NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) are bribing Kenya’s young people to become gay.

He told the outlet: “We have asked the NGO Coordination Board to investigate the activities of some of the foreign NGOs in the country. If they do not stop, I will lead in picketing and demonstrations to make our message heard.

“There are foreign NGOs in Kisumu and Kakamega which move to the villages to manipulate our poor innocent youth with ‘big money’ of up to $22,000) for them to engage in this wicked act.”

He added: “These mzungus (white people) who are bringing and sponsoring this practice in Kenya should know that we are entrenched in our African morals and principles that portray sexual decency. Our fore parents did not practice homosexuality.”

Mutua added that he would rather lose his job than tone down his anti-LGBT rhetoric, which has caused much embarrassment for Kenya internationally.

He said: “I am willing and ready to lose my job of heading the moral board in a country where homosexuality is the order of the day. It will destroy even the future generations, which should not be the case.”

Mutua also repeated claims that gay men “end up in diapers because they have been ‘destroyed’ by their fellow men”, adding: “It is high time we stopped this Westernised and good-for-nothing practice.”