Lesbian Couple Accused Of Stabbing Men Who Sexually Harassed Them

A night of drinking in downtown Morgan Hill nearly turned deadly for three men who were allegedly stabbed by a lesbian couple after sexually harassing the women.

The men were stabbed in various parts of their body, including the groin, back, arms, and shoulder.

One man was stabbed in his groin and had part of his intestines hanging out, according to police reports.

Tori Sanchez and Alexandria Campos were arrested shortly after the July 7 attack..

According to investigators, the two women encountered the men at The Hill Bar & Grill.

Sanchez told police the men were “harassing them all night by touching, groping and flirting with them.”

Sanchez and Campos are romantically involved, according to police reports.

The couple decided to leave the bar and walked across the street to the M&H Tavern. The three men followed them.

Both parties stayed at the bar until it closed, and then walked out to the back alley, where things turned violent.

“I don’t know what the cause of the argument was that initiated this violent attack, but something certainly turned from friendly to hostile,” Morgan Hill Sgt. Troy Hoefling said.

“The three victims were stabbed at different times. Each of the victims tried to intervene and separate parties that were involved in an argument,” he said. 

When questioned by police, Campos said she stabbed one of the men because he attacked her. Campos described the man as a gang member.

Friends and family of the couple say the women were acting in self defense.

“That’s a matter for the court as what her defense might be. But it didn’t appear that way from the evidence we have at this point,” said Hoefling.

Police originally booked the women for attempted murder, but prosecutors have charged them with a lesser charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

Both women are scheduled to be in court July 20 for arraignment. They remain in the county with bail set at $175,000 each.