Man Charged In Hate Crime Sexual Assault of Gay Man Killed in Police Shootout

A man armed with an assault rifle was killed in a shootout with police and FBI agents not far from Miami International Airport.

On dramatic cell phone video of the shootout, dozens of shots can be heard. The exchange of gunfire lasted for nearly a minute.

It all began with the FBI’s search on Wednesday for Alexander Carballido, 40, an ex-con on probation and released from prison in July after serving a ten-year sentence for carjacking and assaulting a police officer, according to a source familiar with the investigation. Records show he had also been arrested for attempted murder.

Carballido started a Facebook page a week after he got out of prison.

Federal agents requested assistance from joint FBI/Miami/Miami Dade fugitive task force in tracking down Carballido who was wanted for a home invasion on Wednesday, Sept. 19th. Investigators believe he and the victim may have met through a dating app.

By tracking his cell phone, the task force was able to locate Carballido. He took off and a chase ensued with Carballido firing from his car and striking an unmarked police vehicle chasing him.

“This was like from a movie,” said one law enforcement source.

One man said he saw Carballido whiz past him.

“I saw the guy in the grey Altima hit the median and fly by at a high rate of speed,” he said.

“This guy was just driving careless. He was just so reckless. He didn’t care if his life ended that day,” said another witness.

The chase ended in the area of Northwest 7th Street and Northwest 72nd Avenue. Carballido reportedly opened fire on police and agents with an AK-47.

Eighteen officers returned fire; five Miami police officers, eight Miami-Dade police officers, and five FBI agents.

“The subject in the case fled the scene. He was armed. Law enforcement officers from the City of Miami, the FBI., and Miami-Dade police department exchanged gunfire with this subject and the subject is now deceased,” said F.B.I. special agent Brian Waterman.

There is police body cam video of the shooting.

Carballido died inside his car where investigators also found a shotgun. Police are still trying to determine if they killed him or if he took his own life.

None of the officers or agents involved in the shooting was injured.

Carballido had spent nearly a decade in prison for carjacking, aggravated assault on a police officer and fleeing and eluding police.

He was described at the time by a police spokesperson as “a cracked-out, machete-wielding moron who went on a county-wide crime spree.”