Man Sues Grindr For Allowing Discrimination Against Asians

We're only surprised its taken this long.  Whats even more surprising is that blacks, asians and other minorities continue to use these apps and chase after racist white men.  Meet Sinakhone Keodara, CEO and founder of the Asian Entertainment Television company.

Keodara posted a call on Twitter in hopes starting a class action lawsuit against hookup app giant Grindr. Keodara is fed up with the app allowing users to write ‘no Asians’ or ‘not interested in Asians’ or ‘I don’t find Asians attractive’ in their profiles. Again, is this preference or racism?

Keodara’s goal is to find men in all 50 states to join him as co-plaintiffs and hopefully bring down Grindr for their lack of attention to this issue. He hopes to speak up for all the Asian men who have “been offended, humiliated, degraded and dehumanized.”