Nicki Minaj Has 150+ Million Followers, Why Didn't She Blame Them For Her Low Sales?

This week Nicki Minaj blamed everyone from Spotify to Stormi for her low album (and concert ticket sales). But one group she failed to mention were her "Barbz"

If you've ever encountered a Nicki Minaj fan the are loyal to their "Queen" but apparently not loyal enough to actually buy an album or buy tickets to see her live.  As Forbes reported:

The media flurry surrounding Nicki Minaj’s latest album seemingly adds new information every day, but so far, all of the facts point to the same conclusion: She’s not as commercially viable as she used to be. Minaj has pinned this decline on record labels, streaming services and fellow artists, but maybe she should place the blame on targets closer to home. She can blame 6ix9ine, the rainbow-haired wart who’s clung to her throughout Queen’s disastrous rollout and continues to distract listeners from having a conversation about the album’s actual musical merit. She can blame the Barbz, her fiercely devoted super-fans who will literally threaten to kill anybody who doesn’t praise Minaj unequivocally (myself included), but apparently lack the same energy when it comes to buying her album or concert tickets. Perhaps most of all, she can blame herself, for ignoring the writing on the wall and acting as if her career is in the same spot it was five years ago.

Minaj has been a fixture of hip-hop for more than a decade now, making consistently great strides in a genre where most artists are lucky to rule the roost for a year or two at a time. What she needs to do right now is scale down: collect that No. 2 album with pride and settle for selling out amphitheaters, rather than insist on headlining half-empty arenas. This is her present reality, and if she responds to it accordingly, she can continue to foster a lucrative career as a legacy artist. But if she continues to ignore the facts and surround herself with people who only tell her what she wants to hear, then the end of this Queen fiasco is nowhere in sight.

While she's saying she rescheduled her tour due to scheduling confilcts, Live Nation is saying no one was coming in the first place:

On Tuesday night (Aug. 21), LiveNation released a statement saying that Minaj “has decided to reevaluate elements of production on the ‘NickiHndrxx Tour,’” scheduled to kick off next month in Baltimore, Maryland. The North American leg will now kick off in May 2019, sans Future, ostensibly so Minaj can “contribute more time to rehearsal ahead of the tour’s launch to make certain her fans get the absolute best quality show they deserve.”

Minaj corroborated this boilerplate statement on Twitter, uploading a video in which she blamed the tour postponement on the fact that Queen’s release date was pushed back two months. The same night, Page Six published an article claiming the rapper’s ticket sales were “in the toilet.” The article quoted a LiveNation source who said, “Nicki’s tour could be the most disappointing ticket sales of the year for any artist. These are big arenas with up to 20,000 capacities. Sales for opening night in Baltimore is 2,000 tickets. LA is 3,400, New Orleans 1,000, Denver 1,300, Chicago 3,900. Even her hometown Brooklyn is only 5,050.”

While Nicki tried to say that Travis Scott's second week sales were due to a tour boost and merch sales, Nicki used the same technique with Queen offering her new music for $5 with a Tidal subscription and a concert ticket.

So again why isn't Nicki asking her fans why they didn't support her when it really counted?  Instagram comments are useless if you don't put your money where your twitter fingers are.