Organizer Starts GoFundme To Throw Pride Prom For Gay Adults Who Couldn't Go To Their's

Submitted by Take Out on Wed, 05/01/2019 - 19:43

Every year we see more same sex prom couples and proposals, surrounded by loving family and friends as they gear up for the big night.  Its a beautiful sight to see but people haven't always been this open and accepting of "non traditional" couples attending prom.  Well event organizer Kellen Rowe wants to give members of the LGBTQ community who didn't get to attend their prom with someone that reflected their sexual orientation.  In his GoFundme Kellen writes:

My name is Kellen Rowe and I live in Washington DC.

Im part of the lgbtq community and i want to do something very special for pride,

Something different that makes people go wow we’ve never seen anything like this...

I’d love for you to be apart of my dream coming true by helping plan the ultimate pride event.

Dc pride prom 

This event would be amazing it’s geared to ppl that weren’t able to attend their prom

My idea is to have it on the odyssey yacht in dc we could do a red Carpet before taking off.

It would be a night of magic.

Great music and maybe even a surprise guest.

I want this event to bring our community together. I wanna show people that I’m dedicated and maybe it will be something that the the pride committee will do every year but change it up,

Like next year we could do met gala themed.

I want this event to bring us all together for one night and to make history for having the best pride party.

Pride weekend is 7-9th of June

You can visit the GoFundme me here: