Police Stop Black Man After White Woman Called 911 Because He Was "Looking Suspiciously" At Her

A community is outraged after police stopped a 20-year-old Black man for “looking suspiciously” at a white woman Tuesday evening.

Devin Myers was walking to Inn Season Cafe on Fourth Street when officers approached him and began questioning him.

The woman, who has not been identified, called police because Myers "looked at her suspiciously" as he was about to enter a diner to eat. 

Myers stayed calm and even apologized to the officers “for wasting your guys’ time,” according to a live Facebook video captured by Kimiko Adolph.

“I’m not going to leave a brother out here,” Adolph said.

Myers said he did nothing wrong.

One of the officers appeared annoyed that Adolph and others were complaining about stopping Myers.

“It’s not that big of a deal,” the officer said.

Adolph responded, “It’s a big deal when this happens consistently.”

Police eventually told Myers he was free to leave.

Inn Season Cafe, where Myers was planning to dine paid for his meal. 

H/T: Metro Times