Pose Debuted On FX Last Night and Twitter Was Gagging!

So were we!  I sat down locked and loaded not to like the show, because the idea of a white cis gay man telling the stories of black and brown men and trans women just didn't fly with me, it exceeded my expectations.  Here were the thoughts I wrote down as I watched and then what the twitter verse was thinking.

-Come thru mama!

-Yes dark skin!  

-Old way the only way!

-They chopped!  I can't believe I'm watching someone get chopped on TV and its not the food network!


-I'm too pretty not to be seen!

-You betta dance!  For your life!

-These visuals are everything

-I thought his mama was on his side!

-This is bringing back a lot of memories, good and bad.

-All these beautiful shades of brown!  All these badass trans women!  These are the types of girls I know!

-C'mon soundtrack!

-Trans women always have our back even when we don't have theirs :(