Racist Woman Physically Assaults Gay Man While Hurling Racial and Homophobic Slurs

A gay man says he was enjoying a quiet night out when a racist homophobe attacked him.  Nicholas says he and a friend were leaving the Rock & Rye Bar in the Federal Hill District of Providence, Rhode Island when he was viciously attacked.  In a facebook post he describes the ordeal:

To all of you that know .. I am very private with my business and keep things to myself. Last night I was on Federal Hill with my family celebrating a birthday. We went to Rock&Rye Bar. Kyle decided to use the next available single stall bathrooms. As Kyle comes out, this girl proceeds with racist, homophobic, and awful names. I went up to her and told her she needs to apologize for using such disgraceful language. Especially over using a bathroom stall when he was the next person in line. This girl then called me all kinds of names, pushed me, punched me in the face repeatedly and bit me several times.. she even broke skin!! I had to dodge and weave her attacks, and at one point was hugging her because she was viciously attacking me.. All the while I’m screaming for security more than five times!! If I had defended myself guess who would’ve been made look like the bad guy .. me! Now I have to get stitches and shots because who know what kind of diseases this filthy animal has..

PROVIDENCE.. attached are photos of the girl with that tattoos who attacked and was flipping me off in the video.. please don’t sit back and allow homophobia to happen in our community and businesses!! If you know who this is, feel free to call her out .. and her boyfriend and friend with dreads as well who thinks it’s okay to shove me.

So far no arrests or IDs of the woman have been made.  Check out the video below.