Rapper Claims Yo Gotti's Label Shelved His Album After Finding Out He Was Gay

Yo Gotti? Homophobic? We would have never guessed. Just kidding, he's horrible.  We'll be happy when we don't have to report on things like this anymore.

Via Blavity:

Rapper Plane Jaymes is calling out homophobia in the hip-hop community after being shelved by Yo Gotti and his CMG label for being gay. 

The recording artist took to Instagram on Tuesday to express his grievances after keeping quiet for two years. He explained that his deal with the label fell through after the men learned he had a boyfriend. 

Jaymes expounded on his claims in a Wednesday interview with DJ Booth where he revealed the turmoil began after rumors about his sexuality began to circulate. 

“By the time I was ready to get my ticket to leave from Florida to go do some work with Gotti’s homie B Mimms, I had got a call from two of my friends saying, ‘Yo, somebody’s spreading a rumor about you being gay,’” Jaymes told the outlet. “I got a call from my manager, and he was like, ‘Is that what’s going on? Well, I don’t rock like that, son. I’m out.’”

Shortly following this conversation, in January 2017, he said he received a call from CMG Vice President Keon in which he revealed the label "don’t really f**k with nobody like that.’”

Knowledge of the incident caused many to call out the need for a talk about homophobia in popular culture, especially the hip-hop and black communities.

Jaymes assures that he doesn't harbor hatred toward the CMG crew. However, he does deserve respect as that's only fair. 

"Honestly, I believe in fairness," Jaymes concludes. "I don’t believe in getting over on people, I just believe in not making anybody’s life miserable out of spite."