Reality Star Ryan Cleary Comes Out As Bisexual and Proud

SURVIVAL Of The Fittest viewers praised Ryan Cleary for coming out as bisexual..

It comes after The Sun Online revealed Ryan is planning to romance both male and female contestants.

During a candid chat with David Lundy and Warren Phillips, he told them: "Look, I'm gonna be very honest with you guys, but I'm bisexual.

"I've got to be honest with myself and with you guys, but its not something I can just drop to everyone."

David gave him a hug straight away ad said: "Mate, don't worry, you're our f***ing bro now."

Speaking about it afterwards in the Treehouse, Ryan said: "It's good to get things off your chest, if you're chatting to your mates or making mates it's good that they know what the deal is."

Viewers at home praised Ryan for being so honest with one writing on Twitter: "It really is 2018. A lad can come out as a bisexual to guys he just met for a reality show and it’s not awkward or causing any problems. That moment was kinda cute, right? #SurvivalOfTheFittest".

Another said: "I knew Ryan was the best lad from the get go! He seems so genuine. #TeamRyan #SurvivalOfTheFittest".

A third added: "As long as you are yourself, that’s the most beautiful thing  Props to Ryan and Tia #SurvivalOfTheFittest".

The new reality show - which viewers have been raving about as the "new Love Island" - sees five girls and five lads go head to head in a series of challenges.

The former jeweller, 27, said he's up for having sex during his time on the show after saying he will “take his pick” from the line-up.

Speaking in South Africa where the show is filmed he said: "Obviously there's going to be hot girls and hot guys on the show so it is everything that I would enjoy.

“Gender isn't really an issue. I've been with men and women. I have an advantage, I'm just going to take my pick."

Ryan admits that he’s more used to having casual flings than long-term relationships but the last time he committed to someone was when he was romantically involved with a man.

He added: “I've had more one night stands than relationships.

“I would have sex on the show with the right person and if it was the right timing.

“If someone's attractive, then why not? We're all adults. It is my life to live and I'm here to have a good time. If I have sex, then I have sex.”