Safaree And His Anaconda Sign Multi Million Dollar Deal With Adult Toy Company

While his ex Nicki Minaj may be having the worst week of her career Safaree is doing ok.  Via TMZ:

Safaree's putting his third leg to work ... and it's paying off BIG time.  The anaconda Nicki Minaj was allegedly obsessed with -- on and off for 12 years landed Safaree a 7-figure deal with one of the top  toy makers, Doc Johnson ... which proudly boasts of its 40 years in the quality, hand-crafted toy game.

The deal calls for Doc Johnson to create a life-sized mold of Safaree's manhood. DJ will soon begin mass production, but don't whip out your credit card just yet ...ya gotta wait a tad longer. Pre-orders begin in December, and the toys will ship just in time for Valentine's Day.

Who says romance is dead?

That Safaree's junk is now in the  biz is no surprise. The rapper told us back in March business opportunities were knocking at the door ever since his  pics leaked ... online.

Will you be getting on on the low?