Skeptics Claim Gay Actor Created Fake Rejection Letter As Publicity Stunt

An actor who's rejection letter from a talent agency went viral is drawing critism that it may be fake.  On Saturday, actor Joseph Segal posted a letter he claimed to have recieved from an unnamed London based talent agency which said they would not take him on as a client because they already had gay talent.  Sympathy poured in from the world over as LGBT blogs picked up the story. 

Then things got a little murky.  After the above post, Segal posted additional correspondence from the agency that he claims is an email.  Despite the fact that its riddled with grammatical and spelling errors as well as being devoid of any resemblence of an email or an official letter.

Then things got really strange. Today.  Segal posted a message saying that the agency had closed down and all the talent had been notified, again despite the fact that the agency or agent were never named or identified.  Many social media users also caught on to the inconsistancies.

We reached out to Segal but did not recieve a response.