Student Threatened To Bomb School To Cleanse It Of LGBTQ Students

Spartanburg County School District Five confirmed Thursday an arrest was made after bomb threats naming Byrnes High School were posted on social media.

The school district said police began investigating on October 18 after a school employee reported seeing the threats on Twitter. The threats reportedly mentioned bombing the school and specifically targeting LGBT students.

Reports for the Duncan Police Department say that the Twitter account allegedly tied to Radford sent a public message stating:

"The ultimate cleansing of all anti straight and non Christians will happen to day at 8:10 at James F Byrnes High School." 

Police say that the account also sent private messages directed to a student at Byrnes High School. The private messages said:

"Like I said ik I have seen you at Byrnes and I also know u and ur little group of friends are apart of a lgbt and I hate the lgbt community. So I plan on bombing and shooting up your school today to cleanse everyone that's not straight or Christian."

Duncan police sent an emergency request to Twitter with the URL for account information.  Twitter responded to their request, and officers with the Duncan Police requested Twitter do a preservation of records for the account in question. 

The school district said the suspect, a student, made up the Twitter account and used that account to tweet the threats. The suspect was identified via an IP address connected to that Twitter account.

According to police reports, when questioned by investigators, the student admitted to creating the Twitter account and making threats to Byrnes High School. 

According to the Spartanburg County Detention Center, Johnathan Logan-Guy Radford, 18, was booked on October 19 and charged with making a bomb threat first offense by the Duncan Police Department.

The case is still under investigation at this time.