Sugar Daddy's Website Crashes After Announcement of New IPhones

Sugar Daddy's website experienced issues for hours due to heavy online traffic following the announcement of the new Iphones. According to, Sugar has been experiencing issues since around 2:05PM ET yesterday, with a large spike in reports immediately after the new phones were announced.

When Apple launched the iPhone X last year, it was the very first time the company decided to price its smartphone in the unprecedented thousand-dollar range, with the $999 base model bleeding into four digits after tax or well into the $1,100–$1,250 range if you decided to get one with more storage.

The iPhone XS and XS Max push Apple even further into the luxury, exorbitant consumer electronics territory. Although the base model iPhone XS remains at $999 before tax, a storage upgrade from 64GB to 256GB — because there is no 128GB model — puts you at $1,150 before tax. The 512GB model is a staggering $1,350.

The XS Max’s price is a bit more understandable, considering its larger display. It starts at $1,099 and goes all the way up to $1,449 for a 512GB model. That’s the priciest iPhone that Apple has ever made. And the fact that it costs more than a base-model MacBook Pro is bound to push the XS Max far beyond the realm of possibility for your average smartphone buyer. These new prices would account for the spike in traffic to sugardaddy.

It’s not clear how widespread the outage has been. According to DownDetector, the outage is restricted to the US, and it appears to still be affecting large parts of California and the New York as of 5:30PM ET, with a smattering of smaller outages in the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the country.

Some users have reported being able to access their profile pages but not the website's homepage. Some are not experiencing issues at all, while others are seeing a 404 error page which is the company’s placeholder art during full-blown outages.

Another common issue that appears to be popping up for the users that can get the website to load is a never-ending loop between the homepage and an incomplete login page. In that situation, clicking on the login button takes you from the homepage to another, similar-looking page that prompts you to click the same button again, which will then take you back to the homepage.

It appears the website is now functioning normally for some users while Sugar Daddy works to resolve the issue.