Trans Teen Allowed To Run For Homecoming Queen After Launching Online Petition

A transgender high school student who said she “worked so hard to be comfortable” with herself and planned to challenge herself by running for homecoming queen was initially told by her principal that she wasn’t allowed. However, after a successful petition, Marquis Monroe has the same chance as every other girl in school to claim the homecoming crown.

The Fayetteville, N.C., senior shared on Twitter that she planned to run for homecoming queen, and felt supported by her peers at school, but she was disappointed to find out her principal would not allow it — and he didn’t offer her an explanation as to why.

“I know I was born male, but I identify as female more than male so for me to go on stage and run as homecoming king, that would make me just feel uncomfortable and I feel it would make other people feel uncomfortable seeing me trying to be a king when I’m obviously a queen,” Monroe told ABC 13. 

However, perhaps because of a successful petition showing support from other students, or possibly because of the social media attention she garnered, the principal has changed his mind.

Cumberland County Schools released the following statement: “The Cumberland County Schools (CCS) values the diversity of students and strives to create a safe, welcoming environment to support student learning and provide equal access to educational programs and activities. Yesterday, a student requested to participate in the homecoming court based on their chosen gender preference. The principal initially said no, but upon further consideration, he is prepared to support the student’s request to participate, subject to parental approval, which is required for all participants.”

Idk why teachers #jbhs feel the need to speak on me and my mom lmao but we only got into an argument! …I’m still running for #HOCO tho !

— Marquis Monroe (@Marquismonroee) October 4, 2018

After a chat with her mother, Marquis announced on Instagram that she would be running.

“It helps me to know, OK this is how people see me, the way I see myself instead of just this guy walking around the street wearing makeup,” Monroe told ABC 13. “People look at me like I’m beautiful, like I’m a human being, like everyone else.”

According to the students, the homecoming queen will be crowned next weekend.