Transwoman Leaks S*x Tape Of Her and Rapper Young Buck

Rapper Young Buck is in the news, after someone released a "diss track" against him that included an alleged s*x tape. The tape purports to show the Nashville rapper in bed together with a transgender woman.

The video was leaked over the weekend and quickly went viral. In the video, a man is seen having relations with a trans woman but the man's face is not visible by the camera. 

Shortly after the s*x tape was leaked, a music video was put out. The video showed ALLEGED receipts - including text messages purportedly sent by Young Buck

But Young Buck is denying the claims. Buck is adamant that that’s not him in the clip, and he calls out a Memphis rival named "Cook-Up Boss” for leaking the video. Buck says he has no problem with gay people but that’s no way him in the clip.

“Let me address this real fast real quick. Ain’t sh*t gay about me. I aint got a problem with no gay people. Whatever the f*ck you n**gas thought you seen on a tape, n**ga that aint no motherf*ckin tape of no motherf*ckin’ punk sucking my d**k

But for you b**ch a** ni**a, or niggas, Cook-Up in particular, ni**a since you want to jump on the Instagram and play all these old gangsta a** roles like you that. Bitch a** ni**a why don't you just pull up and keep that same energy ni**a. You give me the location and ill give you the location. Keep that same energy, and say all that hoe a** energy you wanna say on the gram and say it to my face.