Trixie Mattel Refuses To Apologize For Racist Joke About Blacks Picking Cotton

Drag Race queen Trixie Mattel is under fire for telling what many are calling a racist joke at a Drag Roast event.

In a resurfaced video from the Hater’s Roast a couple of months ago, the RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 winner makes a joke about her dress being made of cotton.

Cotton that fellow Drag Race queen Latrice Royale picked, she jokes.

It’s a reference to black slaves in America forced into picking cotton.

After the video surfaced on social media, many began calling out the joke as racist.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘making a joke about slavery is okay now???’

Another tweeted: ‘ew stop trying to defend trixie. crawl out of her ass for a sec and admit that “joke” was gross, racist, and distasteful.’

Then another wrote: ‘If you condone Trixie’s racist jokes, please unfollow me. Trixie could’ve made a joke about anything in the world, yet she thought it was alright to use the slave trade as the butt of the joke.’

Trixie Mattel responds to the backlash
Mattel tweeted her response to the backlash last night (4 July), basically refusing to apologize.

She tweeted: ‘If you think drag queens apologize for jokes at a roast, you watch too much TV.’

In response, one Twitter user wrote: ‘There’s a difference between adding controversial jokes in your comedy set just for shock value and actually turning it into a joke.’

Another responded: ‘sis just admit it was in bad taste, apologize and be on your way.’

This is not the first time Trixie Mattel’s come under fire for a distasteful joke.

Early last year, an explosive video emerged of United Airlines staff forcibly removing a doctor from a plane.

The doctor was seen bleeding, saying: ‘I want to die’. He also told flight officials he was due for a hospital shift.

Trixie posted a tweet with a gif of Drag Race queen Laganja Estranja. She wrote as a caption: ‘Me on that United flight: YES MAMA DRAG HERRRRRRR.’