Woman Breaks Up With Boyfriend The Day After He Pays Off Her Student Loans

Sallie Mae wins again.  A San Diego man is furious his girlfriend broke up with him the day after he paid off her student loans.  In a now deleted Instagram post, Jospeh Brown says after the death of his father he was left with a substatial amount of money.  With the money left to him, he settled his father's debt, paid off some of his bills and paid off his then girlfriend's oustanding student loans.

"You would aIways say how less stresful life would be for you and for us if you didn't have to worry about paying back your student loans.  i did this for both of us to have a fresh start and you just left," he recalled in his post.  "What type of cold hearted, empty person leaves someone after their father dies?" 

What kind of cold hearted person indeed.

We think this is a beautiful gesture, and hopefully karma will come back with some good things in Joseph's life but you never do this type of thing for someone expecting something in return.  There is also no way I would have left someone after they paid for my student loans unless they were abusive.