Xem VanAdams Perfectly Summarizes The Importance of Seeing Black Gay Men Dating On "Pose"

Like many black and brown queer folk in America, we've longed to see our stories told on television and we've long been ignored.  But not anymore!  Pose is giving viewers young and old a chance to see ourselves represented on television.  Vlogger Xem VanAdams eloquently states why seeing black gay love and dating is important and what it means to him.  In a Facebook post he writes:

it fills my heart with love & satisfaction to finally see two openly gay black males on mainstream television who are flirting, dating & trying to figure things out together. 

one isn't "on the dl" while the other presents as a physical stereotype who is trying to convince the closeted one to "come out". 

i am so excited right now to see where their storyline goes! 

...cause isn't it always the case that the innocent, naive, eyes-wide-open Damon's of the world fall for your slightly bad boy, street wise, charming as fuck Ricky's of our community?

LOL! it's super cute watching young love unfold. 

takes me back to when i was 19 & kissed another guy for the first time on the campus of temple university. you feel so FREE and ALIVE to really be acting out the desires of your heart -- feelings that have remained caged for teen year after teen year. 

but what i love most right now, is the fact that the writers are developing Damon's character as a dreamer who chose the ballet over giving up his bussy to a cute boy he just met. RIGHT? 

Damon represents those of us who see the world beyond our bodies & the physical exploration of our sexuality. Damon is traveling a journey of self discovery right now & while he clearly wants Ricky to be a part of these coming of age moments, he isn't willing to sacrifice his passions for a romantic relationship.

black gay men on television who are actually layered & three dimensional -- the possibilities are endless when executives like Ryan Murphy actually hire LGBT writers who have lived & experienced the narrative being put on display. 

KUDOS to the creative team bringing these tales to light.

POSE F/X is giving me exactly what ive wanted in media for the past 10 years! #pose #posefx #dyllonburnside #ryanjamaalswain 

Xem himself is out here representing the community well as he will soon be back from his web hiatus.  He recently teased new promotion photos as he plans to being blogging and vlogging again.  We look foward to seeing what he's up to!

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Xem VanAdams