Before You Create A GoFundMe Dissing Your Child's Parent, Remember You Picked Them Beloved

Over the past week, I've seen at least 10 different "prank" gofundme links circulating where some poor unfortunate soul decided that exposing their baby father  or baby mother was funny and might somehow shame them into?  I'm not sure.  But one thing remains true.  You picked them. 

There are billions of people on the planet. Billions.  And out of all of them, you decided to have a baby with a bum.. You knew they never had a car, or their own place but you still decided to lay down with their bum a$$ and bring a whole human into the world.  And now you want us to feel sorry for you?  Or find this mess funny.  No beloved.  This ain't it. 

See what happens is, when you try to play them you only play yourself.  No matter how bad you try to make your child's other parent look, they are still a reflection of your decision making.

I get it,  n*ggas/b*tches will switch up on you in a heartbeat.  But that's why you not only have to be picky about who you have kids with, you have to be selective about who you have sex with. He or she's cute, we look good in pictures together and he has a huge d*ck/her p*ssy stay wet are not reasons to have a baby with someone.  You have to vet people.  Not vet them like Khloe Kardashian but vet them, vet them.  Get a background check done, a credit check, a drug test, ask for employment history and paystubs.  See how their family live.  What's their relationship with their mother?  What's their relationship with their father?  How did their father treat the mother?  How did they treat their exes?  What are they like with their other kids, if they have any?  How do their siblings and cousins act?  What are their friends like?  Where do they live?  How long have they lived there?   You may laugh, but beloved, this is somebody you are considering exchanging bodily fluids with and possibly having a baby.  Some of ya'll put potential babysitters and daycare facilities through more than you put a person you having a baby with through.  Some of ya'll have done more research on your weed connect than you have on your future child's parent.

The worst part of all of this is, the long term effects. What if your kids see this?  You know nothing on the internet ever dies?  What if your child's parent sees this and commits suicide? What example is this setting for your children? I'm not saying the other party is blameless, I'm just saying, neither are we.  We've got to do better.  And again, you picked them.