Milan Christopher Launches His Own Line of Sex Toys

Watch out Kandi Burruss, there's another reality star with his eyes on the toy industry.  In conjunction with Fleshjack, Milan Christopher is launching his own line of toys, and he says they're molded from his own parts!

Milan says: 

Saquon Barkley and More Bare It All For ESPN's Body Issue and We Are Living

Saquon Barkley has the top-selling jersey in the NFL, but he didn’t need it for his latest photo shoot.

In fact, Barkley didn’t need any clothing. The former Penn State star was one of the athletes who bared it all for the 2018 edition of ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue, which was released Monday.

(All photos via ESPN)

More photos of Barkley for the Body Issue can be found here.

Barkley also did an interview with ESPN and he spoke about how he became dedicated in the weight room.

Insecure's Sarunas Jackson Calls Out Fans Who Made Homophobic Comments

Sarunas Jackson isn't insecure, but some of his fans are.  He recently slammed those who made anti gay comments after he posed for his GQ shoot with his fellow castmates.  

“Me and the fellas did a shoot with GQ…,” he begins. “It was fun and it was a blessing. Now, if you [have] been following me—or if you know me personally—you know, I ride for my people [black people]. I ride for my culture. Now, I’m also going to hold you accountable, no matter who you are. It doesn’t even matter about culture. Period.”

Jackson calls out all those who made antigay comments.

Rapper xxxtentacion Says He Beat Up A Gay Teen In Prison For "Looking At Me Funny"

We didn't need a reason not to like him or listen to his music, because we already think he sucks and his music sucks and he beats women.  Now we're finding out he also beats gay men.  

Via BET:

Another investigative installment into the (now) two year-long horrifying domestic abuse saga of Florida rap star XXXTENTACION entered the digital space on Tuesday (May 5) with The New York Times, fittingly titled The Real Story of South Florida Rapper XXXTentacion.

Arkansas Man Says He Purposefully Got HIV So He Could Infect Others

An Arkansas man admitted in court that he intentionally contracted HIV so he could spread the virus to others, according to reports.

Stephen Koch, 25, pleaded guilty on Monday to attempting to expose another person to HIV, the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported. He also pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver and eight counts of child pornography.

Arkansas police originally arrested Koch on drug charges, but a confidential informant then told authorities that he was viewing child porn, according to the Gazette.

Bermuda Legalizes Same Sex Marriage Again After Banning It

Gay couples will once again be able to marry in Bermuda, after the Supreme Court this morning upheld a constitutional challenge against the Domestic Partnership Act.

Chief Justice Ian Kawaley, delivering his judgment before a packed courtroom, said the sections of the Act which revoked the right to same-sex marriage were invalid because they were inconsistent with provisions in the Constitution which give the right to freedom of conscience and creed.

It came after a court battle fought by gay Bermudians Rod Ferguson and Maryellen Jackson and the charity OutBermuda.

New York Gay Sex Club Under Fire After Charging More For Bottoms To Attend

Via Gaystarnews:

The organizer of a private gay sex club in New York City has explained its policy of charging different admission prices for men who identify as ‘tops’ or ‘bottoms’.

Top and bottom is slang for the penetrative or receptive partner when it comes to anal sex.

‘ANONYMOUS’ is a sex party for guys in Brooklyn. It’s due to return for a second outing on 2 June. The first event took place over the Black Party weekend last month.

It is charging $65 entry for bottoms and $25 for tops.

Artist Imagines Cardi B as The Disney Princesses

Cardi B got drawn as different Disney princesses in a photo story released by BuzzFeed a few days ago.

The featured princesses were: Snow Red Bottoms (Snow White), Princess Yaaasmin (Jasmin), Okurrriel (Ariel), Bindarella (Cinderella), Princess Belle-calis (Belle), Tiana B (Tiana), Bulan Almanzar (Mulan), Pocapoppin' (Pocahontas), Princess Ahora (Sleeping Beauty). The article is, of course, humorous. As a whole, Cardi B is portrayed as an independent hustler, gangster, and not someone anyone would want to mess with.

Some of the most poignant captions read:

The Men Of Insecure Strip Down For Locker Shoot And We Are Drooling

Jay Ellis, Y’lan Noel, and the rest of the ‘Insecure’ men have some words about taking your shirt off at the gym (“don’t”). Sure we watch Insecure because its a well written comedy, we also watch for the guys.  

Gay Man Stabbed In Club After Guy He Danced With Thought He Was A Girl

20 Year Old Keon Smith is still recovering after being stabbed in a nightclub after he was mistaken for a woman.  In a series of tweets Keon shared the story of how what was supposed to be a fun night out on the town with friends ended with a trip to the hopital.  

Keon writes:

So I attended a party last night and was simply minding my own business. There was a dude that kept trying to dance with me all night so I kept avoiding him. I finally let him dance on me so he can go away. After that his friends told him I was a boy and he left....