“I Don’t Want To Die.” How A Gay Man Overcame His Meth Addiction

Early in his college career, Vernon Magsino was introduced to crystal meth, a drug to which he would quickly become addicted. Over the next several years, his addiction took a serious toll on his life - until one day he hit a wall and was able to assert control.

Woof! Siir Brock In Nothing But A Fir Is What We Needed This Morning

If this is his morning mood we can't wait to see what he's like around 10 or 11 pm.  I don't know if its cool enough in Hollywood to have a fur on but we don't care!  

Man Claims His Wrestler Ex Boyfriend Jumped Him After He Outed Him On Facebook

Allegedly, Marquel Small was dating a downlow professional wrestler for six months before he grew tired of keeping the relationship a secret.

The wrestler he named is Malcolm Monroe III from Michigan.

Marquel says that after he outed his lover, Malcolm and his dad jumped him and warned him to keep quiet about Malcolm's sexual preference.

On his Facebook page, Malcom is supposedly straight and posted this picture with a woman.

Jack'd Calls Out Grindr For Allowing Racist Dating Profiles

Jack’d is pushing a new video on its social media and issued a news release today calling out Grindr for including member profiles with messages like “No blacks, no Asians.” Other profiles say they prefer white men. Jack’d called the problem “rampant.”