Massachusetts teacher says he was fired for his LGBTQ advocacy

A former teacher at the Harborlight Montessori School is claiming he was fired due to of his advocacy for LGBTQ issues, including removing gender-specific signs from school bathrooms and providing rainbow flag pins for students.

Cory Grant, who taught at the school for three years before he was terminated in June 2017, filed a complaint Monday with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

Masculine Gay Men Claim Fems Give Us All A Bad Name

They don't say when you're beating them yams up tho. Feminine gay men are giving the community a bad rep, a new study reveals – at least if you believe their ‘straight-acting’ counterparts.

Authored by Cal Strode, the survey interviewed 280 gay men.

It found that those who described themselves as ‘straight-acting’ were less likely to have direct experience with homophobia.

Of the respondents saying they never experienced homophobia, 56% also identified as ‘straight-acting’, compared to 26% of those who had experienced it.

Grindr Sued By Former Employee Who Says He Was Raped and Drugged At A Christmas Party

A former Grindr employee is suing the gay dating service, claiming the Human Resources Supervisor slipped him a drug at the company's 2016 Xmas party and anally raped him.

The plaintiff, who is listed as John Doe, claims Daniel Cabanero is the one who drugged him and then allegedly put him in a car, and took him to a hotel room where he anally penetrated him.

John Doe says he woke up and Cabanero was holding him down on the bed in the middle of the sexual act.  

Actress Confirms Lesbian Scenes Were Cut From Black Panther

In Black Panther: World of Wakanda, a character named Ayo is in a relationship with another woman named Aneka, which was groundbreaking to have a Black LGBT character in a comic book. Since April, there have been questions on how the romance would be handled in the film, but rumor had it Ayo’s relationship was cut. However, Vanity Fair reported there was a scene in which Ayo, played by  Florence Kasumba, flirts with Danai Gurira‘s character Okoye. The scene did not make the movie.

Man Arrested After Pretending To Be A Police Officer and Raping A Man In Maryland Park

LANGLEY PARK, Md. — Prince George’s County police have charged a man with raping another man while impersonating a police officer last weekend.

Early Sunday morning, police said the victim was walking in the Langley Park area when he was approached by a man with a badge around his neck, who was driving a black Crown Victoria that appeared to have the same type of lights inside that real police cars have.

The man behind the wheel was Michael Bell, 36, of Upper Marlboro, who is employed as a security guard, according to police.

The Importance of Life Insurance and Wills In The LGBTQ Community

Years ago I attended a funeral for a trans friend that died in a car accident.  In  addition to tragedy of her dying, she didn't have life insurance and HER family buried HER as a guy.  Her boyfriend was banned from the service and the family and funeral home enforced a dress code according to gender.  I was outraged, but I also came to the shocking realization that I needed a life insurance policy and a will if I didn't want my family to mistreat my body or my friends in the event that I passed early.  So what do you need to know?

Prince Michael Looks Like He's Holding Something In The Eggplant Department

The back isn't too bad either.  I don't think I can get past his voice though.  Its not that its high pitched, its just annoying, and he seems beyond full of himself.  Its one thing to be confident, its another thing to be cocky.  Love and Hip Hop Miami really isn't doing him any favors in that department. 

Yazz aka Hakim Lyon Got Us Looking Forward To Empire Coming Back

Everytime I feel like "nah, I'm not going to watch Empire anymore", Yazz pops up in my timeline and I decide to give it another week.  Or season.  Its not a bad show, and Taraji is great and they have a couple of gay and lesbian storylines even if they are a mess.  We're here for Yazz though. 

Chadwick Boseman Covers Rolling Stone Looking Like A Whole Snack

*Books flight to Wakanda*  I'm out. I'm leaving on a midnight train to Georgia, leaving from Atlanta's airport and I'm not coming back.  Everybody and every body in the Black Panther movie is just fine.  

Man Drugged, Raped And Recorded 14 Men Then Blackmailed Them With The Video

REDWOOD CITY – A man accused of drugging and raping multiple men over a seven-year period starting in 2007 pleaded not guilty today to 41 felony counts related to the accusations, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

Prosecutors say that Joseph Courtney, 31, of Pacifica, met three different men for consensual sex and allegedly ended up drugging them into unconsciousness before raping them. Courtney allegedly raped the men along with “unidentified male associates,” according to prosecutors.