Prince Michael Looks Like He's Holding Something In The Eggplant Department

The back isn't too bad either.  I don't think I can get past his voice though.  Its not that its high pitched, its just annoying, and he seems beyond full of himself.  Its one thing to be confident, its another thing to be cocky.  Love and Hip Hop Miami really isn't doing him any favors in that department. 

Yazz aka Hakim Lyon Got Us Looking Forward To Empire Coming Back

Everytime I feel like "nah, I'm not going to watch Empire anymore", Yazz pops up in my timeline and I decide to give it another week.  Or season.  Its not a bad show, and Taraji is great and they have a couple of gay and lesbian storylines even if they are a mess.  We're here for Yazz though. 

Chadwick Boseman Covers Rolling Stone Looking Like A Whole Snack

*Books flight to Wakanda*  I'm out. I'm leaving on a midnight train to Georgia, leaving from Atlanta's airport and I'm not coming back.  Everybody and every body in the Black Panther movie is just fine.  

Man Drugged, Raped And Recorded 14 Men Then Blackmailed Them With The Video

REDWOOD CITY – A man accused of drugging and raping multiple men over a seven-year period starting in 2007 pleaded not guilty today to 41 felony counts related to the accusations, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

Prosecutors say that Joseph Courtney, 31, of Pacifica, met three different men for consensual sex and allegedly ended up drugging them into unconsciousness before raping them. Courtney allegedly raped the men along with “unidentified male associates,” according to prosecutors.

52 Percent of Gay and Bi Men Say They've Cheated

A recent survey of gay and bisexual men has found that 52 percent had cheated on their boyfriends and nearly 60 percent said they had been cheated on by their partners.

Despite over half of partners cheating on their lovers, only 45 percent of these men said that their partners had found out about their unfaithfulness.

The research, conducted by FS Magazine asked 961 gay and bisexual men about the times they had cheated and been cheated upon.

Here’s what they found out:

Church Fires Musician After Discovering He's Gay

Despite being hired by the church to play the piano, they moved the piano off the pulpit and onto the ground after discovering the musician, David Raleigh, is gay. If that wasn't enough, they picketed a bar that hired him.

When Some Guys Say They Just Want to Chill, That's What They Mean

Nice guys often finish last and we also get accused of flirting when we're not.  Its seems like you can't even make brief eye contact with some people without them thinking you are ready to rip off their clothes and hop in to bed with them.  

All Grown Up: Moesha's Lil Brother Miles aka Marcus T Paulk

Hey wait a minute ain't that Moesha's brother?  (some of you will get that)  He's still acting we're sure but it looks like he spends most of his time in the gym.  Who would have thought he would have grown up to look like this tho.  This is why you have to let folks grow into their looks. 

“I Don’t Want To Die.” How A Gay Man Overcame His Meth Addiction

Early in his college career, Vernon Magsino was introduced to crystal meth, a drug to which he would quickly become addicted. Over the next several years, his addiction took a serious toll on his life - until one day he hit a wall and was able to assert control.

Woof! Siir Brock In Nothing But A Fir Is What We Needed This Morning

If this is his morning mood we can't wait to see what he's like around 10 or 11 pm.  I don't know if its cool enough in Hollywood to have a fur on but we don't care!