Lyft Driver Kicks Gay Couple Out of Car After They Kiss

The Lyft driver picked up Ben Martella and Alec Jansen at Butler University and didn't say anything during what was supposed to be a ride to Broad Ripple.

That is, until they kissed.

At a stoplight on the corner of Meridian and Westfield, around 5 p.m. on May 5, the driver ordered the gay college couple out of his car.

Correctional Officer Facing 125 Years After Being Found Guilty of Sexually Abusing Male Inmates

A Dodge County jury found a 34-year-old former correctional officer at the Fox Lake Correctional Institution guilty of sexually abusing three inmates.

Alex Andre Wouts of Poy Sippi was found guilty of five counts of second-degree sexual assault by correctional staff after an afternoon of discussion Thursday by the jury that heard the case over a three-day trial.

Dodge County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Sciascia revoked Wouts' bond. He is being held at the Dodge County Jail.

A Black Male Adult Star Is Suing After His White Costar Called Him The N-Word During Filming

A black adult film star from the Bronx says he was duped into performing in a racist  film that depicts his white co-star calling him the N-word without his consent.

Maurice McKnight, who goes by the stage name Moe the Monster, claims in a new lawsuit the hate speech was spewed during a shocking shoot in Tarzana, Calif., last July.

McKnight says director James Joseph Camp tried — and failed — on two separate occasions during the production to get his pre-approval for use of the despicable dialogue.

Model Laith Ashley and Flashman Wade Pop Up On RuPaul's Drag Race

There were some familar faces on Ru Paul's Drag Race last night.  Model Laith Ashley and our Man Crush Forever Flashman Wade both made appearances during a mini challenge on the popular show.  In the mini challenge the girls had to match models and by their under garments and it was worth every second.  

They didn't show much of Laith from behind but Wade's appearance gave us all we needed.  

Though Laith didn't get much screen time he's the first trans model to appear in the pit crew.

Michael Bae Jordan and His Abs Cover Essence Magazine

Fresh off his huge role as Kilmonger in Black Panther Michael B Jordan is headed to HBO for a new feature film and thats all great but we are really here for that chest and those abs.  Its good to seem him without all those scales he had in Black Panther.  I don't know how often he's in the gym but it looks like its all day every day.  Twitter was just as hot over these pics as we were.

Study Says LGBTQ People Get Themselves Off More Than Straights

People that identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual please themselves 23 percent more weekly than people who identify as straight, according to a report.

The study, by brand TENGA, looked at people’s attitudes toward pleasure and found that not only do LGBT people get themselves off more than their straight counterparts, they also talk more about sex as well. 

The survey, which was conducted between February and March, polled people in 18 countries including the UK, the US, France and Kenya.

Man Tells armed robber: ‘You're not getting my Louis Vuitton Bag"

Despite the warning shots from a man trying to rob him, Jerad Kluting said he refused to give the perpetrator his Louis Vuitton bag.

The robbery attempt happened around 5 p.m. Monday as the victim walked along Riley Street west of US-31 in Holland Township. Authorities say would-be robber pulled a gun on Kluting, demanded the bag and fired at least three shots from a handgun.

Shortly after the incident, authorities pulled over the 21-year-old suspect and arrested him. Ottawa County Sheriff’s Capt. Mark Bennett said the man had a stolen handgun with him in the car.

Gay Film Star Says He Had Sexual Relationship With Patrick Swayze

A gay porn star has claimed he had sex with Patrick Swayze.

Rafael Alencar, the 39-year-old Brazilian pornographic actor, has given a very revealing interview.

He has detailed the celebrities he has allegedly had sex with, including the late Dirty Dancing star.

‘I can tell dead ones because they can’t sue me,’ he told porn director Marc MacNamora.

‘The famous people, the singers and actors they you know, they are gay. They have called me. But not because they want me,’ Alencar added.

Gay Man Told He Couldn't Wear Makeup Into Club

Bobby Rodriguez, 21, wiped off his makeup Wednesday night because he wanted to dance. 

Rodriguez, of Kingsville, was in Corpus Christi for a night out and says he was denied entry to Whiskey River nightclub because he was wearing fake eyelashes and lipstick. 

Gay Film Star Tigger Redd Graduates College!

Congradulations are in order for gay film star Tigger Redd as he proves he's just more than a pretty face and cakes, he's smart and he's got a degree to prove it.  

This weekend he graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Theraputic Recreation.

Will he still keep up his side job?  We don't know but we're happy for him not matter what he decides to do!