White student calls police on black student napping in Yale dorm

A black Yale University student was interrogated by campus police officers after a white student reported her for sleeping in her dormitory common room, the Yale Daily News reported.

Lolade Siyonbola, a graduate student at the university, said that a white graduate student entered a common room in Yale’s Hall of Graduate Studies where she had fallen asleep working on a paper. The white student then told Siyonbola that she was not supposed to be in the common area and threatened to call police, according to videos Siyonbola posted on social media.

Kenyan Official Claims Young People Are Being Paid To Be Gay

Where do I sign up?  I've been out here being gay for free when I could have been getting paid for it.  The head of Kenya’s censorship bureau has claimed that charities are paying young people $22,000 per head to become homosexuals.

The claim comes from Dr Ezekiel Mutua of the Kenya Film Classification Board, who has become one of the country’s most prominent and hardline critics of LGBT rights. 

Survey Shows 71% Gay Men ‘Turned Off’ By Signs Of Femininity

Writing in the The Guardian, Attitude editor Matt Cain said that he commissioned the survey of 5,000 readers after having spent much of his life “being made to feel like I’m less of a man for being gay.”

The survey results reveal a lot about attitudes towards masculinity and its place in the lives of contemporary LGB men.

Among the revelations from Attitude’s survey:

Responding to the question ‘Have you ever thought that effeminate gay men give the gay community a bad image or reputation? 41% responded with “Yes”.

Artist Icametosin Illustrates Erotic Bearded and Tatted Men Of Color

They are thick too!  Here to fill a void in the erotic art department, Illustrator Mikhail aka Icametosin is bringing the meat and the color.  His prints are vibrant, sexy and modern and we might be ordering a few for our own collection soon!  Check out some of our favorite designs of his here.  Be sure to follow him on social media


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Hamburger Bae: College Student Goes Shirtless-Uses Muscles To Sell Burgers In China

Remember that line from the Player's Club "You got to use what you got to get what you want"  Well these gentleman are taking it all the way to the bank by going shirtless to sell burgers in China and boost their business. 

Ne-Yo Says He Wishes Gay Rumors About Him Would Die

For the record, we've never cared if Ne-Yo was gay or not.  He's not our type.  

Via MadamNiore

Having been in the entertainment business for years, Ne-Yo has heard his share of rumors about him but there’s one in particular that he really wishes would die: The lie that he’s gay.

Black Twitter Drags Kanye West With Hashtag #IfSlaveryWasAChoice

Kanye West is being dragged and snatched by a new hashtag — #IfSlaveryWasAChoice — Tuesday night after appearing on “TMZ Live” and saying that slavery was “choice” black people made rather than something inflicted on them.

“When you hear about slavery for 400 years — for 400 years?! That sounds like a choice,” West said. “You was there for 400 years, and it’s all of y’all? It’s like we’re mentally in prison.”

Pulse survivor says he’s not gay anymore after religious conversion

A survivor of the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Florida has claimed he is no longer gay, due to his Christian beliefs.

Luis Javier Ruiz was among the survivors of the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, where a gunman killed 49 people.

“I should of been of number 50 [sic],” Ruiz wrote in a Facebook post, in which he said he was no longer gay.

Study Says More And More Straight People Are Having Same Gender Experiences

A significant number of straight men have gay relations, a study has shown.

The analysis of 24,000 undergraduate students revealed that of the men whose last hookup was with a male partner, one in eight defined as heterosexual. 

This figure twice as high among women, with one in four whose last sexual experience was a lesbian one identifying as straight.

One explanation for this gap in same-sex encounters between men and women is another study, published in March, which showed that women who have sex with women are much, much more likely to reach their peak.

YouTube Under Fire For Marking Video About Black Gay Love "Inappropriate"

A music video about the love between two gay men has been marked ‘inappropriate’ on YouTube, requiring users to verify their age before being able to watch it.

The music video for “Clairvoyance” by the South African singer Nakhane has been flagged as inappropriate by YouTube, requiring users to be signed in and have verified their age prior to being able to view it. 
The video, which explores the relationship and love between two men, was released in September of last year.