In Newly Discovered Letter 2 Pac Said Dr Dre Was In The Closet

Gone but never forgot 2 Pac is still maing waves with things he wrote before is untimely death.  

The original liner notes from his 1996 project The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory are up for auction, and they include some harsh comments about other celebs he had issues with.

via Complex:

In the handwritten notes, 2Pac challenges Jacques "Haitian Jack" Agnant and Walter "King Tut" Johnson for the Quad Recording Studios shooting in 1994. He also blames Diddy, Biggie, and a handful of other people for "quietly conspiring my downfall."

Reporter Says Don Lemon Gave Him The Courage To Come Out To His Mother

Reporter Gerren Keith Gaynor, who has written for Ebony and The Root says that Don Lemon gave him the courage he needed to come out to his mother and the world.  

Via The Root

Love for a black gay man is a scary endeavor, even radical, in a country where racism isn’t such a throwback, its reverberations leaving only harmful residue in communities of color. And when you consider the pervasive homophobia in a heteronormative and patriarchal society, living in your truth as both African American and queer almost requires superhero strength.

Maryland Bans Gay Conversion Therapy

Maryland state lawmakers voted Wednesday to ban gay conversion therapy, a day after a state delegate spoke publicly about how her father, a state senator, forced her to undergo the widely discredited medical practice, The Associated Press reported. 

The state's House of Delegates voted 95-27 in favor of banning the practice following its passage in the state Senate last week. The bill now needs a signature from Gov. Larry Hogan (D), who reportedly supports the bill, according to the AP.

Pastor Tells Men Not To Masturbate Because Its Gay Sex

A notorious internet pastor has warned men not to masturbate because it’s “sex with a man” and that’s gay.

High school football coach and internet pastor ‘Coach’ Dave Daubenmire, who has a surreal online following, made the comments on his ‘Pass the Salt’ livestream. 

You’ve just got to say no to it, as hard as it is. If you’re very honest about it, masturbation is homosexuality.

“You’re having sex with a man. You’re putting images of a woman in your mind, but you’re having sex with a man.

Gay City Council Candidate Runs Transparent Campaign Sharing His Own Nudes and Videos

They can't blackmail you with your tea if you spill it first! 


Eric Jon Schmidt, one of four challengers thus far in the March 2019 West Hollywood City Council, has promised to run an absolutely transparent campaign.

That apparently includes his willingness to continue posting photos and videos of him having sex on a website called and alerting WEHOville and others to its presence.

See The GMFA Campaign Fighting HIV Created By and Starring Gay Men of Color

It’s a disappointing reality that people of colour are still sorely lacking in representation. That’s not only on TV and in film, or in fashion. 

It’s rare to see black people in adverts and posters, the ‘norm’ still stuck on white skin. That’s why GMFA’s new campaign is so important. 

Study Falsely Claims 80% Of Black Men In Atlanta Are Gay

A viral hoax website is falsely pushing claims about the percentage of black gay men in Atlanta.

A post on, headlined, "80% of black men in Atlanta are Homosexuals, study says," claims that Georgia State University students "began a study assessing the sexuality of the male population of the city with surprising results."

Photographer Sheds Light On the Hidden Lives of Gay Men In the Middle East

Photographer Hoda Afshar was born in Tehran and is now based in Melbourne, Australia. Her latest series, Behold, was photographed in Iran in a town which mostly leaves gay men to be, on the condition they conduct this part of their lives in secret. A group of men invited her inside a traditional bathhouse to document part of their world. Behold was first exhibited at Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, and is now at Horsham Regional Gallery until May 14th

Fact or Photoshop? Did Drake Kiss The Weeknd?

Does it matter is the second question.  Gay rumors seem to plague almost every male artist and while their sexual orientation should not determine whether you can still jam to their music or not haters gonna hate.  Back to the pictures though, on the surface they look extremely fake, however upon viewing a video (seen below) the two do appear to share a kiss.  Will we ever know?  

PS:  Get you somebody that looks at you the way Weeknd looks at Drake, thats real love. 

ABC On Air News Correspondent Comes Out As HIV Positive

Karl Schmid, an on-camera reporter for ABC's Los Angeles affiliate, came out as HIV positive on Friday night in a powerful Facebook post about stigma and acceptance.

The 37-year-old Australian import covers human interest stories and Hollywood on ABC7, reporting from events like the Academy Awards and the annual Vanity Fair Oscar party. After a decade living with HIV, Schmid said he came forward despite numerous industry peers urging him to stay quiet.