Family Denies Gay Man From Attending His Partner of 47 Years Funeral Service

A Japanese gay man has taken legal action after he was barred from his partner’s cremation and not receiving inheritance.

The move is a historic one in Japan which only recognizes same-sex partnerships in some prefectures in the country.

The 69-year-old from Osaka Prefecture filed a proceedings against his partner’s sister for inheritance he is owed. He is also suing her for barring him from attending his partner’s cremation.

His partner died in March 2016 and he’s suing his sister-in-law for 7 million yen (US$64,000) in damages.

Restaurant Under Fire For Using Before and After Pictures of Caitlyn Jenner On Bathroom Doors

A restaurant in northeast Texas has drawn the ire of the Internet over the use of photos of Caitlyn Jenner as bathroom signs.

Dodie's Place Cajun Bar & Grill in Allen, which is roughly 25 miles north of Dallas, used photos of Jenner before and after her transformation to denote the men's and women's bathrooms.

A photo of the bathroom signage was posted Aug. 15 on the restaurant's Facebook page, which is where most of the criticism has been verbalized.

Gay Advocacy Group PFLAG Takes Back Award It Had Given To Joy Reid

The LGBT advocacy group PFLAG is rescinding its award to MSNBC host Joy Reid after homophobic blog posts she allegedly authored years ago resurfaced. Reid has maintained that she was hacked. 

In December, Reid apologized for other posts that resurfaced from her personal blog, but this week, more posts garnered attention. This time, Reid and her team said she fell victim to hackers. MSNBC says that Reid's lawyers alerted Google and the Internet Archive in December about the alleged hack. 

Case Dismissed! Internet Goes Crazy Over Lawyer Bae

A new attorney is getting a lot of attention with the internet hashtag #LawyerBae. Not because he's won a lot of cases but because he's fine as F*#k!

The internet’s newest sweetheart appears to be single with a successful career, earning him the title #LawyerBae.

The attorney has a real name, CAESAR CHUKWUMA but no one seems to really care about that. #LawyerBae has sent the internet into a frenzy of the polarized nature. On one hand, many people are ready to risk it all for a chance with the well-groomed lawyer. 

Take a look at some of these reactions:

Study Says Guys That Smoke Weed Make Better Boyfriends

A couple that smokes together, stays together. Guys who smoke weed have such a bad rep, mainly because of a stereotype that potheads are lazy or lack drive, which might limit their emotional investment in relationships. Trust me when I say there are two kinds of pot smokers: the kind mentioned above, and the kind who actually enjoy smoking because he’s down to earth, genuine, and needs to give his genius brain a rest – the latter is the kind of boyfriend every gay guy deserves.

Real Life Cousins Decide To Enter Gay Film Industry

Nobody wins when the Family Feuds, but everyone wins when cousins decide they want to enter the world of flickmaking.  

From Islandstuds:

 Real life cousins and roommates Terrance and Tremaine in the dense Oregon forest on a cloudy spring day, posing and hugging  with their big friendly smiles, walking fully through the forest and open fields for the very first time in their home state. They pump iron, jerk side by side outdoors, compare meat sizes and man bushes, before busting big loads all other their smooth ripped bodies.

Black Panther Actor Outed As Former Gay Film Star

An actor who appeared in Black Panther has been forced to come out after being exposed as a former gay performer in adult films.

Patrick Shumba Mutukwa was touring his home country of Zambia talking about the film when images from an adult film he starred in when he was in his 20s began circulating online.

In a statement put out by his publicist, Larissa Long of BlueRed Communications, Mutukwa took about as sex-negative a stance on his past as possible, calling it “unsavory,” an “errored decision,” and “immature behavior.”

Coupled Up: Kidd and Hotrod

While these two have shared a few adult scenes together, could it be they are hooking up off camera?  Instagram seems to think so.  Looks like things may have started off friendly and somehow gotten romantic.  You never know where love may led you from or bring you to!  Congrats to the happy couple...if they're a couple.  

Fine Men Who Eat It Like Groceries Hashtag Goes Viral On Twitter

Since Craigslist took down there personals section, people have still been finding ways to hookup.  What better place than where sliding into DM's originiated, Twitter.  Just recently, #FineMenThatEatAss began trending and its the gift that keeps on giving.  

Throwback Picture Of Jidenna Proves He's Always Been A Snack(And Packin!)

We didn't know the Classic Man owned a jersey or jeans but I guess you learn something new every day.  Personally we prefer him in the suits and bow ties but we can get with seeing him in his "regular clothes" or out of them...whichever would come first.  It was good seeing him out of them on Insecure.  Which reminds us, its time to go back and re watch season 2.

As far as the packing part, this print does not look small at all.  In fact it looks like Jidenna woiuld do some damage.