Study Falsely Claims 80% Of Black Men In Atlanta Are Gay

A viral hoax website is falsely pushing claims about the percentage of black gay men in Atlanta.

A post on, headlined, "80% of black men in Atlanta are Homosexuals, study says," claims that Georgia State University students "began a study assessing the sexuality of the male population of the city with surprising results."

Photographer Sheds Light On the Hidden Lives of Gay Men In the Middle East

Photographer Hoda Afshar was born in Tehran and is now based in Melbourne, Australia. Her latest series, Behold, was photographed in Iran in a town which mostly leaves gay men to be, on the condition they conduct this part of their lives in secret. A group of men invited her inside a traditional bathhouse to document part of their world. Behold was first exhibited at Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, and is now at Horsham Regional Gallery until May 14th

Fact or Photoshop? Did Drake Kiss The Weeknd?

Does it matter is the second question.  Gay rumors seem to plague almost every male artist and while their sexual orientation should not determine whether you can still jam to their music or not haters gonna hate.  Back to the pictures though, on the surface they look extremely fake, however upon viewing a video (seen below) the two do appear to share a kiss.  Will we ever know?  

PS:  Get you somebody that looks at you the way Weeknd looks at Drake, thats real love. 

ABC On Air News Correspondent Comes Out As HIV Positive

Karl Schmid, an on-camera reporter for ABC's Los Angeles affiliate, came out as HIV positive on Friday night in a powerful Facebook post about stigma and acceptance.

The 37-year-old Australian import covers human interest stories and Hollywood on ABC7, reporting from events like the Academy Awards and the annual Vanity Fair Oscar party. After a decade living with HIV, Schmid said he came forward despite numerous industry peers urging him to stay quiet.

These Pics of Viral Instagram Star Reag Davis Have Us Distracted

He made a name of himself posting videos showing us what that mouth do and now he's showing us what the rest of him can do.  Spoiler alert, he'll have you walking with a limp.

"My Bottom Will Not Pay Rent" Tops Says He Handles The Finances In His Relationship

In same gender loving relationships we often find ourselves falling into or fighting against heteronormative views and stances on relationships.  I remember a few years back talking to my straight friends about dating another guy and the first they would ask was "so who is the man in the relationship?" I had to explain to them that we were both men and no one had a specific role.  But thats not always the case.  Whether we want to or not we often mold our relationships to into molds created by the straight relationships we've seen.  Sometimes based off who is dominant and who is submissive,

Police Officer Charged With Performing Oral Sex On Suicidal Man While In Custody

A man who was being held by police on a misdemeanor charge was sexually assaulted twice by one of his guards while he was at the hospital on Feb 3., prosecutors say. Now Officer Carlyle Calhoun, 46, a 10-year-veteran of the police force, faces multiple charges in the alleged assault.

Police were holding an unnamed suspect for a misdemeanor charge when he began saying he was suicidal, leading Calhoun and another officer to drive him to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, reported ABC 7.

Students Discover Math Teacher Is Former Gay Adult Film Star

A math  teacher was outed by pupils as a secret Hollywood porn star with the stage name Aaron Cage.

The Sun reports that Australian body builder Scott Sherwood’s double life was revealed when classmates at Peacehaven Community School in East Sussex Googled his real name on their lunch break.

It flagged his alter-ago and a list of films he had starred in with San Fransisco-based Colt film studios.

The students then began circulating X-rated photos of the teacher, who has starred in a number of films including Gruff Stuff and Manpower.

Rapper Kash Out Meat Pics Leak and Of Course He Has A Monster

Safaree who? After teasing us for decades with prints and eggplant pics the real deal is here.  He didn't disappoint at all. It's like a third leg or an extra arm at this point. Check out the links below.

Men Arrested For Trying To Burn Down Ex Boyfriend's House With Spaghetti Sauce

Yes you read the title correctly.  Two Florida men are accused of breaking into their ex-boyfriend’s home and using Ragu sauce to try and burn it down.

Derrick Irving, 36, and John Silva, 28, were arrested on March 13 after allegedly breaking into the home and stealing several items, including a flat-screen television, window A/C unit and vacuum, according to Orlando television station  WKMC.

The victim called 911 after being alerted by security cameras of motion being detected in the house. He said a towel had been placed over one of the cameras.