Aaron Hernandez's Ex and Lawyer Both Say He Was Bi and Struggled With His Sexuality

Aaron Hernandez is no longer around to explain himself, but figures from his past are trying to separate the fact from the fiction in the life of the former Patriots star and convicted murderer.

In the 11 months since the 27-year-old hanged himself in prison, there have been unconfirmed rumors about the sexuality of the former Pro Bowler, and a new documentary features allegations from strong sources stating he struggled with his orientation.

Gay Model/Film Star Jacen Zhu Working To Tackle Meth Use In Black Queer Communities

In an interview with Hornet, Jacen Zhu opens up about his own addiction, his HIV status and what he's doing to help those struggling with meth in the queer black community.  After tweeting out Save our black brothers from meth. Speaking from experience it’s not worth the life changes. #BlackLivesMatter #NoMeth #Loveyourself" he did an interview with some background behind the tweet.

What prompted those tweets about meth?

Man Comes Out To Family On Instagram in A Jockstrap-Tells Them He's A Bottom

Good for him?  Maybe they should have coming out greeting cards to keep people from oversharing.  Dave Tyson is a personal trainer from Virginia and according to his posts he's a proud black gay man and tired of hiding. He writes:

Growing up as a black male I was taught that I’m not allowed to be affectionate cause that was gay. I wasn’t allowed to be loving cause that meant I was weak! Black men don’t ask other men for hugs! We are tough and don’t deal with feelings and emotions. 

Seattle Man Tests Positive For HIV Despite Being On PrEP

To date, just four cases of possible PrEP failure have been reported in the medical literature or at scientific conferences.

Officials with Public Health — Seattle & King County report a rare case of newly diagnosed HIV infection found to have a virus resistant to both of the medications in the Truvada pill in a King County man.

Newspaper Removes Son From His Mom's Obituary Because He's Gay

A local newspaper in Texas removed references to a gay couple in their mother’s obituary, citing ”religious and ethical reasons,” Fox News 4 reports.

Barry Giles and John Gambill, who have been married for 31 years, say the Olto, Texas paper scrubbed references to Gambill after Giles’ mom died. The couple had included both their names in the obituary they sent to Giles’ hometown paper, writing “those left to cherish her memory include her son, Barry Giles and his husband, John Gambill of Dallas.”

The decision left the couple distraught.

ACS's Darren Criss Says His Favorite Thing About Himself Is Being Able To Pass As White

In a recent interview with Vulture, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, star Darren Criss commented his favorite thing about himself is being able to pass for white.  Criss, who is half-filipino speaks on how hes had it easier in the entertainment industry becasue he doesn't look half filipino.  The entire interview is pretty cringeworthy and Criss is an example of whats wrong with the world.  

Via Vulture: 

Is this the first time you’ve played a half-Filipino character? 

Married Pastor Uploads Then Deletes Picture of Him Kissing Man on Facebook

A married NYC based pastor, Tommy Clark is currently embroilled in a deep sexual mess.

The pastor’s act has left members of his congregation shocked after accidentally posting a photo of him kissing another man on Facebook. His shocked church members were fast to get screenshots.

He has since deactivated his social media account. Someone shared it on Instagram with the caption;

“Our pastor just uploaded the wrong picture and he’s married to a woman… smh”

It’s anybody’s guess, what will happen at next service and how his wife will react to this…


‘Love, Simon’ Star Joey Pollari Comes Out As Gay

Joey Pollari publicly came out in an interview with the Advocate weeks before the release of Love, Simon
Former Disney star, turned film star Joey Pollari has come out as gay, weeks before a film which he is appearing in, Love, Simon, is due to hit the big screen.

Speaking to The Advocate the star said the film’s lead character, Simon, had an experience that was similar to his own.

Brazilian Politician and LGBTQ Activist Marielle Franco Killed in Rio

A black councilwoman in Rio de Janeiro who was popular for her advocacy about police brutality was shot dead Wednesday night in what appeared to be an assassination, local law enforcement said. Marielle Franco was killed in Rio while driving back from a black women's empowerment event. Police are opening an investigation into her death, and political outrage is already growing.

Singer Harry Styles Comes Out As Bisexual On New Track

HARRY Styles says he "messes around" with men and women in a new song titled Medicine — a year after he said he wouldn't label his sexuality.

The singer, 24, premiered the track on his current tour, singing: “The boys and the girls are in, I’ll mess around with them, and I’m OK with it.”

Harry performed the unreleased track at AccorHotels Arena in Paris on Tuesday evening.

It comes ten months after he said he would not define his sexuality.