Civil Rights Group Appeal Death Sentence of Gay Man Who Jurors Said "Would Enjoy Prison Too Much"

Charles Rhines, a gay man from South Dakota, was convicted in the 1992 stabbing death of a donut shop worker. But instead of facing a long prison sentence, the jury gave him the death penalty.

Their reason? Since he’s gay, he would ‘enjoy’ prison too much.

In June, Rhines attempted to appeal this sentence. Despite three of the jurors admitting their homophobic biases, the court refused to hear his appeal.

Enter Civil Rights groups
Now, six civil rights groups, including the ACLU and Lambda Legal, are urging the 8th Court Circuit to accept his appeal.

Armenian Villagers Injure 9 People After Trying To Lynch LGBTI People

Thirty Armenian villagers attacked nine LGBTI people yesterday night (3 August) leaving two of them seriously injured.

A person showed up in front of the house of Hayk Oprah Hakobyan, in Shurnukh. Hakobyan is an LGBTI activist and founder of Rainbow Armenia Initiative.

Around 8pm local time, Hayk was having a drink with his friends when a person showed up at the front door. He claimed he only wanted to talk to Hayk. At the activist’s refusal, the attacker then jumped over the fence.

Man Charged With Hate Crime After Stabbing Gay College Student 20 Times

A Southern California man charged with the murder of a University of Pennsylvania student carried out the killing because the victim was gay, prosecutors said Thursday.

A hate crime sentencing enhancement was being added to a murder charge against 21-year-old Samuel Woodward in the death of 19-year-old sophomore Blaze Bernstein, Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said.

Prosecutor Decline To Indict Wealthy Democratic Donor Ed Buck In The Death Of Gemmel Moore

Late Thursday, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office filed a “Denial of Filing Charges” in the investigation into whether West Hollywood resident Ed Buck was involved in the death of Gemmel Moore in Buck’s apartment last year.

Man Stabs Boyfriend After Finding Jack'd On His Phone

Police officers say a man is recovering in the hospital after his boyfriend stabbed him 15 times after finding a gay dating app on his phone.

Ja'Quan Raymond, 24, is being charged with attempted murder after he called 911 on himself, thinking he had killed boyfriend, Dominic Price, according to police.

Police say Raymond was plotting to kill his boyfriend for about a week, after he discovered he had downloaded "Jack'd" a gay dating app to his phone.

Prison Counselor Accused Of Performing Oral Sex On Inmate

A New Jersey counselor allegedly performed unwanted oral sex on an inmate during an elevator ride, police said.

Police responded to the Trenton halfway house Monday afternoon for a report of a sexual assault.

"The victim claimed he didn’t want to resist or defend himself due to an upcoming release date,” Lt. Stephen Varn said Wednesday.

The victim told the authorities he was engaged in a conversation Sunday with the counselor, Lamar Norman, and that led to the Bo Robinson employee performing oral sex on the inmate in the elevator.

Lesbian Couple Accused Of Stabbing Men Who Sexually Harassed Them

A night of drinking in downtown Morgan Hill nearly turned deadly for three men who were allegedly stabbed by a lesbian couple after sexually harassing the women.

The men were stabbed in various parts of their body, including the groin, back, arms, and shoulder.

One man was stabbed in his groin and had part of his intestines hanging out, according to police reports.

Tori Sanchez and Alexandria Campos were arrested shortly after the July 7 attack..

According to investigators, the two women encountered the men at The Hill Bar & Grill.

Man Accused Of Posing As A Woman Online, Cross Dressing And Filming Men Blindfolded Having Sex With Him

The men thought they were going to a South Miami-Dade house for a casual and clandestine tryst with a bored housewife.

Once there, the men agreed to be blindfolded, and for sex acts to be performed on them. What the victims did not know, federal agents say, is that the supposed housewife was a cross-dressing man named Bryan Deneumostier — and he was uploading the videos to a porn website and charging users to view them.

Wrestler Loses Scholarship After Yelling Out Homophobic Slurs At Protesters

A California student claims he’s a victim after losing his athletic scholarship for shouting homophobic slurs at civil rights protesters.

Bronson Harmon attended California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo on a wrestling scholarship, which was rescinded after viral videos showed him using anti-LGBT slurs while marching with his father, reported The Tribune.

“Saying what I said is definitely not the right thing,” Harmon told newspaper. “I am supposed to be there to help the community be the best person I can be and represent the college the best way I can.”

Ukranian Immigrant Allowed To Remain In US On Probation After Attempting To Kill Toddler By Hanging

A former day care provider who hanged a toddler in her Minneapolis home was let off the hook by a judge who cited a "perfect storm" of events in sentencing her to probation.

Nataliia Karia avoided prison time despite pleading guilty to attempted murder, third-degree assault and criminal vehicular operation for hitting a pedestrian, a bicyclist and another driver as she fled from her home in November of 2016.