NYC Cab Driver Tells Passengers "I Don't Drive Gays"

A yellow taxi cab passenger says his driver told him during a trip, "I don't drive gays," the second time in a week that a cab rider in New York City has reported being insulted or kicked out of a cab by a homophobic driver. 

Ryan Smith said he and a friend hailed a cab from East 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue in midtown to head to Brooklyn, and while they were still en route in Manhattan, the driver turned around.

He "interrupted our conversation and was like, 'Are you gay?'" recalled Smith.

Man Arrested For Walking Around In Target And Exposing Himself For 20 Dollars

A man who told police his friends dared him to expose himself at a store was arrested and charged with indecent exposure on Wednesday, according to a police report.

Suspect Richard Kuhn, 21, was released Thursday on a $3,000 bond.

On May 22, three women in three separate reports told Ocala police that a man exposed himself to them at Target, 2000 SW College Road, Ocala.

Arkansas Man Says He Purposefully Got HIV So He Could Infect Others

An Arkansas man admitted in court that he intentionally contracted HIV so he could spread the virus to others, according to reports.

Stephen Koch, 25, pleaded guilty on Monday to attempting to expose another person to HIV, the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported. He also pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver and eight counts of child pornography.

Arkansas police originally arrested Koch on drug charges, but a confidential informant then told authorities that he was viewing child porn, according to the Gazette.

Mob of Angry White Men Attack Black Pride Attendees In Utah

 Salt Lake City police are looking for leads after a man was allegedly attacked while trying to defend two gay men who were being chased after the Utah Pride Festival.

Detective Greg Wilking said Tuesday the two men were leaving the festival around 10:30 p.m. Saturday when a group of young white men approached from an alley and made homophobic slurs. The couple sought refuge in a nearby ice cream shop.

Wilking said the group of between seven and 15 men followed them and attacked an employee who stepped in the way. The employee suffered minor injuries.

Man Moves In With Ex Boyfriend, Kills Him, Cuts Off His Head And Chops Up His Body

A friend of a man, whose dismembered remains were found in a Carrick home, is shedding new light on the victim’s relationship with his accused killer.

A friend did not want to show his face, but he wanted to share what he knew about 46-year-old Kevin Thompson and 42-year-old John Dickinson.

He said the two dated years ago.

“John and Kevin were an item in the 90s,” the man said.

He says it’s hard to believe what he’s hearing.

Gay Man Attacked With Rocks After Attending Pride Music Festival

Stonewall’s media manager Jeff Ingold has spoken out after he was allegedly attacked with rocks in a ‘homophobic’ incident following queer music festival Mighty Hoopla  – saying the LGBT community is “still under attack.”

Ingold – who was in a group of friends, including Terrence Higgins Trust’s head of media Matt Horwood – said he was left shaken by the attack on Sunday night near Brockwell Park, London. 

“I was walking to the corner store with some friends and we passed a group of teenagers,” said Ingold.

Man murdered after WhatsApp argument over who was 'least gay'

A student is facing life in prison for murdering a man over a WhatsApp argument about who was "least gay".

Paul Akinnuoye, 20, from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, stabbed to death Jordan Wright, 19, after the pair traded gay insults in a group called “Ice city boyz”, a court heard.

The defendant called Wright a “batty boy”, and he retorted: “On your mum’s life I’m straighter than you.”

The argument escalated and led to the pair agreeing to a fight in Shooters Hill, south-east London.

Man Arrested For Stabbing Gay Couple

Denver police have arrested a 24-year-old man for investigation of first-degree assault in the attack on two gay men who were stabbed with a folding knife outside a nightclub early Sunday morning.

Dylan Payne is being held in the stabbings of 19-year-old Christopher Huizar and his 23-year-old boyfriend, according to police and online descriptions of the assault.

The Denver Police Department is investigating whether the attack was bias-motivated.

Gay Man Stabbed In Club After Guy He Danced With Thought He Was A Girl

20 Year Old Keon Smith is still recovering after being stabbed in a nightclub after he was mistaken for a woman.  In a series of tweets Keon shared the story of how what was supposed to be a fun night out on the town with friends ended with a trip to the hopital.  

Keon writes:

So I attended a party last night and was simply minding my own business. There was a dude that kept trying to dance with me all night so I kept avoiding him. I finally let him dance on me so he can go away. After that his friends told him I was a boy and he left....

Colorado Gay Couple Stabbed For Holding Hands In Public

An unidentified attacker verbally abused a gay couple, then stabbed them in the neck, back and hand.

Christopher Giovanni Huizar, 19, and Gabriel Enrique Roman, 23, went out on Saturday night (26 May) to the Church Nightclub in Denver, Colorado.

They live downtown, so decided to walk home because ‘it was nice weather out’.

Then Huizar told Gay Star News what happened next.

He said: ‘When we passed an alley, someone screamed “fucking faggots” and stabbed me in the neck.