HRC and HBCU Buzz Launch HBCU LGBTQ Alumni Network

HBCU Buzz, a platform highlighting news at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has announced the creation of the first LGBTQ+ HBCU alumni network. 

According to the HRC, its work will center on further engagement with the LGBTQ+ community within HBCUs to find officials to investigate complaints against maladministration, as well as increasing collaborations with student associations and the production of a biweekly column detailing opportunities for student and alumni network members. 

"He's Using You" Teacher Tells Class A Student Is Gay and His Girlfriend Just A "Cover"

Clearing up a rumor against his son, and holding the teacher accused of starting it accountable a father is upset because he says a teacher at Nixon-Smiley High School told a classroom full of students his son is gay.

District leaders are aware of the allegations and say they wasted no time launching an investigation.

The student's father is afraid he won't be happy with the outcome, because of small town politics.

"She expects those kids to carry themselves a certain way," the father said. "Shouldn't she carry herself a certain way?"

California Parents Concerned About "Gay Rights" Lesson Being Added To Textbooks

Parents are getting a sneak peek at new textbooks heading to Elk Grove Unified School District. But some say a lesson on honesty about a San Francisco drag queen caught them off guard.

“Did they research who these heroes were?” asked Greg Burt with the California Family Council.

Gay Teacher Forced To Resign After Death Threats From Parents

A gay teacher at a top Zimbabwean boys' school has resigned after death threats and pressure from parents.

Neal Hovelmeier, deputy head for St John's College's sixth form, came out to his students last week.

He was encouraged to do so as a Zimbabwean newspaper was planning on outing Mr Hovelmeier, the school's chairman wrote in a letter.

Some parents threatened legal action against him in a country where homosexual acts are illegal.

"I will not submit myself to a sham trial," Mr Hovelmeier wrote in his resignation letter.

Christian College Removes Ban on LGBTQ Relationships

Effective this fall 2018 semester, Azusa Pacific removed language from its student standard of conduct agreement that prohibited public LGBTQ+ relationships for students on campus. As an evangelical institution, APU still adheres to the Biblical principles of human sexuality—the belief that “sexual union is intended by God to take place only within the marriage covenant between a man and a woman” remains a cornerstone of the university’s foundation.

Gay Student Sues School District After They Ignore Him Being Bullied

A former Kenosha public schools student says he was bullied and harassed in school for being gay since third grade, and that administrators were "deliberately indifferent" to the hostile environment that forced him to drop out in 11th grade.

Guadalupe Paredes makes the claims in a federal civil rights lawsuit that names Kenosha Unified School District and five administrators as defendants and chronicles a sad struggle to succeed in school. The suit says he is under 20.