Nick Cannon Digs Up Homophobic Tweets From Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer To Defend Kevin Hart

Pointing out a glaring double standard and sticking up for his friend Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon wants to know where are the apologies from these women.  Both Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer have tweeted homophobic slurs like Kevin Hart. Earlier this week, Kevin Hart was tossed from hosting the Oscars after he refused to apologize for tweets that have occasionally been a thorn in his side from “trolls” if you ask him. Kev used slurs like “h*mo” and “f*g” in tweets and claims to have apologized already.

Tre Floyd Presents New LGBT Stage Play "Love, Sex and Marriage"

From the same mastermind that gave us Love, Sex and Marraige The Webseries, comes a stage play by the same name.  Tre Floyd is bringing you a theater experience you've never had before.  Love Sex and Marriage is back for an encore performance!  Don’t miss your chance to see the dynamic acting, live vocal performances, and unexpected surprises this show has to offer.  Love Sex and Marriage gives an entertaining encounter of a superstar, Darrin!  The ladies love him and the guys want to be him.  Little does everyone know, Darrin is a closeted gay man, signed to a homophobic music label.

Video: Nicki Minaj Fan Goes Apesh*t After Finding Out She Wasn't Nominated For Grammy

The Barbz are none to pleased that Nicki Minaj was overlooked again by the grammys and that Cardi B is nominated for more than a few including Album of The Year.  While almost no music critics thought the album was worthy of a grammy many of Nicki's fans have called Queen her best work to date and were expecting something.  If only they gave out an award for best radio podcast? 

Back to the fans tho The Real Cam Yonce was not here for the Grammys snubbing Nicki this year.  He writes:

Kevin Hart No Longer Hosting The Oscars

Kevin Hart is stepping down from hosting the Oscars after homophobic tweets surfaced on Thursday.

The tweets, between 2009 and 2011, included derogatory language referring to gay people and made disparaging comments about sexuality.

In one of the tweets from 2011, among some that have been deleted, the comedian-actor said, "Yo if my son comes home & try's 2 play with my daughters doll house I'm going 2 break it over his head & say n my voice 'stop that's gay'."

Pose Makes History With 2 Golden Globe Nominations

Ryan Murphy's groundbreaking FX series — which features five transgender actresses as series regulars — was nominated for best drama TV series, while star Billy Porter received an acting nomination.
Ryan Murphy and FX made history when they put together the team behind Pose, the cable network's stylish drama about New York's ballroom culture in the 1980s. Murphy hired an exceptional amount of LGBTQ talent, including five transgender women of color in series regular roles — an unprecedented number for a scripted show.

JayWill Claims Blameitonkway Is Still Stealing His Ideas, Calls Him Out Of Shape

It appears there may not be enough room in the world for two ratchet female alter egos.  Jay Will has long made it known that he feels BlameitonKway based his "Titi" persona off of his "Kandie" persona and has stolen everything from skits, music wardrobe and wigs.  In an instagram post he appears to have had enough after Kway debuted a new video featuring a look Will has previously worn as Kandie.  He writes:

Jussie Smollett Insisted His Gay Character On Empire Have A Black Boyfriend

A new episode of Fox’s “Empire” airs every week at 8/7c and Jussie Smollett is currently promoting the popular series, which was created by Oscar nominee Lee Daniels in 2015. While on “The Clay Cane Show” on SiriusXM Urban View, Smollett explained there was one thing he insisted on — his character Jamal Lyon would not have a white boyfriend.

Singer Accused Of Blackmailing Men He Met On Grindr For Money To Shoot Music Videos

A German-born Turkish pop singer has been accused by dozens of complainants in Turkey of blackmailing them with their secret gay love affairs. 

According to court documents seen by daily Hürriyet, more than 50 people in the provinces of Istanbul, Bursa and Giresun have recently filed criminal complaints against pop singer Bulut Duman, 28, over similar charges.

The complainants, including public servants, engineers, doctors and the nephew of a former Turkish minister, said they had met Duman on gay dating websites.

Stan Lee On Why He Never Created An LGBTQ Character

Because he didn't want to! As a black gay fan of Marvel I never felt like it was totally needed.  Why?  The Mutant story line so closely paralled the Civil Rights/LGBTQ movement without saying "this is a parallel"  But in his own words Stan said:

Back in 2015 the Marvel creator sat down with SheKnows and explained it never ‘occurred’ to him to make one of them gay.

‘No, I really have not,’ the 92-year-old said. ‘I don’t think it’s necessary to have every type of person in the world in the stories.’

Stan Lee, Creator Of The X Men Dies At Age 95

Stan Lee, the creator behind many Marvel Comics characters, has died at 95. 

According to TMZ, as well as The Hollywood Reporter, Lee was transported from his Hollywood Hills home Monday morning and was taken to the hospital where he later died. 

Lee started at Marvel Comics (then known as Timely Comics) in 1939 as an assistant.

Later in the 1960's he, with Jack Kirby, created The Fantastic Four as well as Spider Man, Black Panther, the X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, and many more.