Khi Lavene Talks Love, Tyshawn, His New Film and How His Parents Found His Adult Film Career

Even if you don't know who Khi Lavene is, you know who Khi Lavene is because, you've seen his work.  Since he first hit the scene in 2016 he's racked up millions of views, been featured in several big studio productions and can now add producer to his list of accomplishments.  With his first major production released last week and future films are ready in the works, we caught up with Khi to find out how he went from unknown to the guy who's name is one everyone's lips.

Where are you from?

Nashville TN

Olympic Diver Robert Paez Comes Out As Gay

Via Outsports:

I’ve been in sports since I was 7 years old. Growing up in Venezuela, I knew from a very young age that I was different, despite not knowing what exactly that meant.

It’s a difficult road, to know at a young age that we feel something that makes us believe we are not “right” in the eyes of society. Yet the truth is that if I was born that way, it was because God created me and he wanted it that way. When I finally came to believe that, that’s when I understood that I should accept with pride and courage what others called “mariconeria.”

Queer Eye’s Karamo Says ‘Over-sexualised Pride marches are damaging LGBTQ youth’

In a recent interview with GayTimesUK Karamo Brown of the Netflix reboot Queer Eye has a lot to gripe about with the gay community. 

How do you think dating apps are affecting the gay community?

Film Star XL Opens Up About Battling Suicide and Depression

Adult Film star XL recently sat down with for an exclusive interview promoting his new calendar simply titled "XL 2016".  The interview got personal and the usually shy XL opened up about what its like being in the industry, the future of urban porn and dealing with depression and thoughts of suicide.

Actor/Adult Film Star Gio Opens Up About Depression, Weight and His Break Up With Romeo

From the outside looking in you would think Giovonni aka Gio had it all.  But beneath the surface he was carrying a secret. He recenlty opened up in an exclusive interview via Akimsniff about his depression, struggles with his weight and his public break up with Romeo St. James.