Drew Dalton: I'm Bisexual and Muslim

One day when the mum of bisexual academic, Drew Dalton, was doing some cleaning she stumbled on some of his ‘hidden’ publications. But she never told her son what she found in his house that day.

It wasn’t until Dalton later ‘came out’ as Muslim that she confessed she had a feeling about his religious inclinations.

She confessed: ‘Well I think I kind of knew, I found your stash of Korans.’

‘Honestly, it felt like you’re hiding you porn as a 15-year-old. There was that whole coming out again,’ Dalton told Gay Star News.

‘But she’s been brilliant.’

LGBTI Police and Firefighters Banned From Marching In Pride Parade

Organizers behind the LGBT Pride Parade in Madison on Sunday have banned local law enforcement officers from participating in the march.

The OutReach LGBT Community Center is hosting the rally and the president of the organization, Michael Ruiz, released the following statement, “Our community is facing complex, unprecedented times, where power is a fleeting commodity for our most vulnerable members, especially queer and transgender persons of color.”

22 percent of Latino Millennials identify as LGBTI

The study published a report on the identities of young people in a recent report, and found a very high proportion now identify as LGBT+.

The report, “Millennial Attitudes on LGBT Issues: Race, Identity, and Experience”, found that “approximately 14% of Millennials identify as LGBTQ.”

It states: “Larger percentages of Latinx Millennials (22%) identify as LGBTQ compared with African Americans (14%), whites (13%), and Asian Americans (9%).

Gay Man Outed After Parents Walk In On Him Getting Smashed On His Balcony

The parents of a closeted son just found out he was gay in the absolute worst possible way.

Reddit user gggaythrowaway took to the social media platform  to reveal his cringeworthy coming out story.

He starts off his lengthy post by saying he’s only recently began exploring his sexuality since January this year.

The college guy broke up with his girlfriend and started secretly seeing a guy a ‘few months ago’.

Federal Judge Rules Adoption Agency Can't Deny LGBTQ Parents From Adopting

A federal judge has ruled against Catholic Social Services (CSS), which sued the city of Philadelphia over its purported right to refuse service to same-sex couples. The judge found that the agency had no inherent right to a government contract, particularly given it was operating in violation of the contract it had.

LGBTQ teens are more likely to use hard drugs

A study undertaken by San Diego State University and published in the American Journal of Public Health asked 15,624 high school students their sexual orientation and about their use of 15 substances including alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

The results found that LGBQ students were more likely to take a number of substances including alcohol, cigarettes, cigars, cocaine, ecstasy, vape, hallucinogens, heroin, inhalants, weed, meth, prescription drugs, steroids and synthetic marijuana.

Man Sues Grindr For Allowing Discrimination Against Asians

We're only surprised its taken this long.  Whats even more surprising is that blacks, asians and other minorities continue to use these apps and chase after racist white men.  Meet Sinakhone Keodara, CEO and founder of the Asian Entertainment Television company.

Keodara posted a call on Twitter in hopes starting a class action lawsuit against hookup app giant Grindr. Keodara is fed up with the app allowing users to write ‘no Asians’ or ‘not interested in Asians’ or ‘I don’t find Asians attractive’ in their profiles. Again, is this preference or racism?

Gay Facebook Group Under Fire For Banning "Asians and Blacks"

A public Facebook group has many in the LGBT community wondering about a racist question on their member request form.

“Muscle Bear” is a public group for people in the community who like hirsute muscular gay men, but when you try to join you are confronted with a series of questions. One is innocent enough, “Wherea[sic]  are you from?” the second is a link to an NSFW image of actor Matthew Camp, but it is the third, a statement really, that has people concerned:

New Polls Shows White Gays Most Opposed To Adding Brown Stripes To Pride Flag

We are shocked!  Not really.  Last year, Philadelphia announced its decision to add black and brown stripes to the Pride flag in support of LGBTI people of color. Soon, a Pride center in Australia followed suit. Now, research conducted by Buzzfeed News and Whitman Insight Strategies shows who is most opposed to this change.

The survey
The poll surveyed 880 LGBTI adult Americans. It was part of a larger body of research about life, politics, and identity among LGBTI individuals.

Two-thirds of black LGBT people face racism within LGBT community

Almost two-thirds of black people who identify as LGBT say they face racism from within the LGBT community.

According to new research by UK charity Stonewall, 51% of black and minority ethnic LGBT people said they have faced discrimination based on their race from within the queer community.

This number jumps to 61% when broken down to just black people.

The research is based on YouGov polling of over 5,000 LGBT people.