Study Says Knowing A Gay Person Increases Your Chances of Supporting Marriage Equality

People who met and became acquainted with at least one gay person were more likely to later change their minds about marriage equality and become more accepting of gay and lesbian people in general, research shows.

Sociologists have long proposed that when people establish certain relationships, they may change their attitudes about issues, often referred to as the contact effect, explains Daniel DellaPosta, assistant professor of sociology at Penn State and an affiliate of the Institute for CyberScience.

Oped: Why I Let Love Win And Dated Someone With HIV

Picture this: You’re on your fourth, maybe fifth, date with someone you think is phenomenal.

You’ve noticed some of the finer details and complexities about this person, and you can really see the potential for some kind of future with the man sitting opposite you.

It’s in the way you catch him staring at you as you look up from your glass of wine. It’s in the way he smiles at you endearingly as you struggle with your chopsticks.

And, when you make a joke that isn’t funny, he laughs anyway, showing you his one crooked tooth.

Facebook Bans Users For Using "Top" and "Bottom" To Discourage Hookups

Facebook has banned people from saying if they’re a top or bottom, with the new community standards preventing the discussion of “sexual positions.”

The social media giant rolled out a new content policy in October putting in place tough new rules on what the site describes as “sexual solicitation.”

The policy seeks to tackle content that “facilitates, encourages or coordinates sexual encounters between adults” and bars “sexually explicit language that may lead to solicitation.”

Are Knockout and Fame Back Together? This Instagram Post Makes Us Thinks So

On again off again couple Knockout and Fame seem to be on again after many believed they had broken up.  A few months back Knockout posted to his FB and Instagram that he was looking for a new boyfriend which led may to think the couple had called it quits for good.  While he didn't explicity say it was Fame in the video, it sure does look like him.  Many were shocked to find out the couple were on the outs because their breakup came literally days after they debuted a webseries following the relationship "Our Tough Love" by Signal TV.

Getting Over Your F*ck Boy Ex Once and For All

Nothing worse than finding out someone you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with, or at least make it until Valentine's Day is nothing more than a f*ck boy.  Everything about ending a relationship is difficult. There’s the anxious build-up, the actual gut-wrenching conversation, and then the fallout with the exchanging of the things and the returning of the keys and all the other mind-f***ing events that remind you this person you were once happy with is no longer in your life.

LGBT Couples In Migrant Caravan Get Married In Mass Wedding On The Us Border

Seven LGBT couples in the migrant caravan heading for the US have taken part in a mass symbolic wedding.

As the group hopes and waits for access into America in the Mexican border town of Tijuana, the ceremony was organised so that the couples could demonstrate their commitment to each other.

In Central America, where the couples are from, LGBT people face discrimination, assault and even murder, just for being themselves.

Pedro Nehemias Pastor de Leon married his boyfriend in the symbolic wedding, and told how it was a "dream come true" for the pair.

Jaden Smith Announces Tyler The Creator Is His Boyfriend

Here we thought Tyler only dated white guys. Jaden Smith had something to say during a recent performance. The 20-year-old has dropped a bombshell to his fans revealing that rapper Tyler, The creator is his ‘fucking boyfriend’ as the 27-year-old stood in the audience wearing a face mask. Jaden said to the audience: ‘I just wanna say Tyler, The Creator is the best friend in the world.

Ariana Grande's Brother Frankie Reveals He's In A Relationship With A Married Gay Couple

Frankie Grande has revealed that he is in a relationship with a married couple.

The dancer and brother of pop icon Ariana opened up about his relationship, or being in a ‘throuple’, with couple Mike Pophis and Daniel Sinason.

‘These are my boyfriends,’ the YouTube star told Us Weekly magazine.

‘[We’ve been dating for] almost three months, but in the gay world, it’s like five years.’

The three had recently appeared together in elaborate makeup in a post on Frankie’s Instagram account.

7 Benefits of Holding Hands With Your Partner

Holding hands is an ordinary thing that we see and do every day. It can signify friendship, love, or marriage. Yet this tiny, commonplace behavior triggers chemical reactions in our minds that make us feel loved, happy, cared for, and respected.

Study Says Dating Apps Have Helped More LGBTQ People Find Love

For many single college students, the process of finding someone is defined by one persisting question: “Swipe left, or right?”

As dating apps quickly become the norm, their nature grows more and more game-like – a quick decision of which way to swipe. Like many areas of the internet and social media, users are able to distance themselves from the identity of their day-to-day life on dating apps and websites.

While many shame the lack of interpersonal connection that comes with online dating, it is a safe haven to members of the LGBTQ community.