He Hurt Me (WHY I FORGAVE HIM) - MARRIAGE SECRETS With Terrell and Jarius

Marriage isn't easy, but talking it out will make waking up next to your spouse easy the next morning. Forgiveness takes time but here's advice on how to get there. How did you overcome obstacles in your relationship and how did you forgive?

Grindr To Start Moderating Profiles That Say "No Fats, Fems, Asians or Blacks"

You'll now have to be racist in private!  Dating app Grindr today launched its new ‘Kindr’ initiative. The project arrives in response to complaints from some users after experiencing racist, body-shaming or stigmatizing language.

Grindr announced Kindr a few weeks ago, but provided scant details as to what the project would entail.

3 Biggest Things People Lie About On Their Dating Profiles

Recent research has found that one of the biggest issues everyone has across the board is dealing with the lies tell on their dating profiles.  

Singer Tyler Jacob Starts Funeral GoFundMe For His Fiance Celebrity Stylist Michael Mann

He was left heartbroken just days ago when his fiancé died, and now he is crowdfunding to help give his partner “the funeral that he deserves to have.”

Michael Mann had become well known as creative director and owner of MMC Studios, a creative firm based in Los Angeles.

He tragically passed away last week, and a cause of death has yet to be announced.

Now, his fiancé, Tyler Jacob, is begging people to donate funds so he can give Mann a proper send off.

Writing on his GoFundMe page, he said that Mann had “touched the lives of so many people through his art.”

New Study Says Weed Enhances and Increases Sex

Recent scientific studies substantiate what many marijuana users have claimed all along — that it enhances sexual relations. Currently, almost all research into the effects of the cannabis plant is prohibited by the U.S. government due to its classification as a Schedule I substance. However, 30 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana, while nine states have also legalized adult use of recreational marijuana. Legalization benefits academia, as it finally allows researchers to study and analyze marijuana's effects, including its impact on sexual intercourse.

Boo'd Up Tigger Redd and Roc Rockafella Make It Official

Love is in the air and it looks like Tigger Redd and Rock Rockafella have stopped to smell the roses.  In a post earlier today Tigger said he and Rock have known each other for 5 years and its time to settle down.  Does this mean we'll get some scenes with them on and off camera?  One can only hope.  Congrats!  We wish them all the best. 

Study Says Couples That Argue More, Love Each Other More

Relationships usually begin with hearts and butterflies. Everything is fine and dandy. You agree with each other and you compromise. But, as the relationship moves past the “honeymoon stage,” you start to show opinions, differences, and your individual personalities. It is then that you experience a fluctuation in the harmony of the union. A relationship gets tested. If you can have healthy arguments, you can truly learn from one another.

This Couple Getting Engaged Is The Sweetest Thing You'll See Today

If you're boo doesn't look at you like this, he probably isn't the one.  

Tyler, the Creator Changes ‘You’ to ‘His’ in His Love Song “Sometimes” While Performing Live

Even though we cancelled him for saying he would never date black guys, Tyler, the Creator switched up pronouns during a performance of  his 2017 track “Sometimes” at Hellow Festival in Monterrey, Mexico over the weekend — replacing “you” with “he” or “his” throughout. Redditor okonmas caught the moment on camera; watch the simple but powerful move in the clip below.

“Sometimes, I sit in my room and think about us,” the track starts, before Tyler began mixing it up. “He got them long lashes, couldn’t get the dirt in em’// Curls on his head look like waves I’ma surf in em.’ ”

9 Signs You're In A Toxic Relationship

Stop us if this sounds familiar: you're in a relationship with someone who's just plain bad for you. You fight all the time, you're constantly complaining about each other, and your friends and family members can't stand them. But every time you think about breaking up (and you think about it a lot), you just can't bring yourself to do it, because it just seems like more effort to leave than to stay.