Actor Billy Porter Reveals He Was Raped And Groomed By His Step Dad

Billy Porter wrote a shocking opinion piece about previous sexual abuse, perpetrated by his stepdad.

The American Horror Story star detailed the abuse and published it on Out.

‘There were no words at first,’ Porter wrote. ‘But then he began cuddling me. Spooning me. Innocent enough, right?’

Porter continued: ‘To groom me, StepDaddy introduced me to porn, starting with the softer side of Playboy Playmates then quickly escalating to the more hardcore Hustler magazine. After a time, he asked me which pictures I liked the best.

Nicki Minaj Has 150+ Million Followers, Why Didn't She Blame Them For Her Low Sales?

This week Nicki Minaj blamed everyone from Spotify to Stormi for her low album (and concert ticket sales). But one group she failed to mention were her "Barbz"

If you've ever encountered a Nicki Minaj fan the are loyal to their "Queen" but apparently not loyal enough to actually buy an album or buy tickets to see her live.  As Forbes reported: